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With Volt’s latest issue out now, it’s time to turn the spotlight on our talented contributors which made the latest issue as stunning as it is. Short interviews have taken place, sharing our contributors thoughts and interests. Read here about photographer Nik Hartley who shot the editorial “Muriel” featured in issue 14.

Volt Café:Did you always want to be a photographer? Or did you end up in this field by accident?

Nik Hartley: I wanted to be a photographer from the age of about 14.  I had no idea what it meant to actually be one, but I wanted to take photos for a job, I knew that much.

VC: In the Volt Magazine fashion editorial “Muriel” it clearly shows that your way of working crosses from fashion photography to portraiture. Could you describe your personal style to us?

NH: Erm pretty much that to be honest; fashion from a portrait perspective I suppose.  I like simple things and so avoid overly complicated and contrived narratives.

VC: We are very curious about your work process. Is there a difference between shooting a portrait and a fashion editorial? Do you prepare in a different way?

NH: Slightly I suppose, I mean for a portrait I’m really happy to just turn up and work with what’s there, where as for a fashion story there’s obviously a lot more forethought and planning required.  Although I still like to leave quite a lot open to chance and how things develop on the day.

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VC: Your work varies from colour to black and white photography. Does the meaning of imagery change by its colour?

NH: Taking a colour picture and changing it to black and white doesn’t change it’s meaning, it’s simply the removal of visual information.  That said, shooting in black and white, in my opinion, allows for a more intense use of contrast where lighting and printing are concerned, which can alter the way an image is read.

VC: Do you have a photograph that has a particular meaning to you?

NH: I have a photograph of maternal grandfather, who I never met.  This is meaningful to me as it’s my only means of knowing him.

VC: If we were you, where would we go to for inspiration?

NH: For a walk.

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VC: If you could capture anything in life, what would it be?

NH: A stress-free existence.

VC: You’ve worked with a lot of international photographers already. Has this influenced your work? And how?

NH: I assisted for a long time and this definitely shaped me as a photographer.  I learnt from everyone I worked with, big or small, good or bad.

VC: If you could pick any photographer to work with at this moment, dead or alive, whom would you pick?

NH: Erm to be honest, my days of working with other photographers are over.  It’s just me on my own now.

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VC: What kind of pictures can we find on your camera right now?

NH: I’m just back from a holiday on the Dalmation Coast so mainly pictures of me and my girlfriend drinking cold beer on the beach.

VC: How do you see your future? Where will you be in ten years?

NH: Geographically I’m not sure.  Career-wise that’s something

of a wait and see affair.

VC: Where would you want to be right now?

NH: Back in Croatia to be honest, my holiday was too short.

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VC: What can we find in your fridge?

NH: Not much as I just got back from….

VC: What was your last post on Facebook?

NH: A shared Instagram post of my twin covers for the new Matches Fashion magazines.

VC: What is your ringtone (song) ?

NH: The factory standard one.

VC:  What is your biggest fear?

NH: Failure

VC: Night owl or early bird?

NH: Neither, I hit my stride at about 9.30am and maintain it until around 10pm with a slight dip at 4ish (generally).

Words by Lete Hulscher
View the complete “Muriel” editorial –  buy the new issue here



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