With Volt’s latest issue out now, it’s time to turn the spotlight on our talented contributors which made the latest issue as stunning as it is. Short interviews have taken place, sharing our contributors thoughts and interests. Read here about photographer Luc Coiffait who shot the cover and editorial “Still life talking” featured in issue 14.

Volt Café: You started out as a landscape photographer, when and why did you make a switch to fashion?

Luc Coiffait: I was spoilt with great scenery growing up in Northumberland, so that was an obvious starting point to get a feel for the camera. As great as it was being knee deep in seawater photographing a sunrise in the middle of nowhere, I find people more fascinating. I began photographing mates skateboarding and took it from there.

2.     VC: In the Volt Magazine fashion editorial “Still Life Talking” it clearly shows that your way of working crosses from fashion photography to portraiture. Could you describe your personal style to us?

LC: I prefer to photograph the person rather than the clothes. In my opinion, the most memorable pictures are the ones where there is something about the person in it that catches your eye. But the fashion is almost as important because it can also portray the subject in a certain way or enhance any feeling you want to get across. My photographs are the same as the ones I was taking of my friends when I was younger and as a result I still feel like I’m hanging out with friends and messing around with the a camera…most of the time.

3.     VC: We are very curious about your work process. Is there a difference between shooting a portrait and a fashion editorial? Do you prepare in a different way?

LC: I approach both portrait and fashion the same way. There is obviously a lot more involved in a fashion shoot but if I’m surrounded by the right team then they can allow me to just concentrate on my way of working.


4.     VC: Your work varies from colour to black and white photography. Does the meaning of imagery change by its colour?

LC: It can, but to put it simply I just judge the colour by what I like the look of most. If the subject offers meaning to the image and the colours look fairly real, then I’m happy. 

5.     VC: If we were you, where would we go to for inspiration?

LC: ‘Up north’. The people are friendlier and there is so much more character. There aren’t as many people that need their sense of fashion to define who they are. 

6.     VC: Your photographs tend to look quite analogue, is this on purpose?

LC: Not at all, but I do tend to prefer film photography. I think it is because I prefer raw and real images. Once they start looking too polished you know its digital.


7.     VC: If you could have lived in the past, which era would it be?

LC: The 80’s looked pretty fun and it seems my wardrobe is made for that era!

8.     VC: Do you have a photograph that has a particular meaning to you?

LC: There’s one particular image I took that stands out as it was the first time any of my work received any real recognition. It’s a simple black and white portrait and it won me an AOP award when I was 19. It gave me confidence in my ability and I haven’t looked back since.

9.     VC: What do you expect from your photographs? When is a shoot definitely done?

I try not to expect too much from them. I like honest photos. I believe if you keep shooting to get a picture then it looks too staged and unnatural. I keep my shoots fun and quick.


1     VC: If you could pick any photographer to work with at this moment, dead or alive, whom would you pick?

LC: Alasdair McLellan.

11    VC: What kind of pictures can we find on your camera right now?

LC: It would probably be shots of the dog I was playing with at the end of my last shoot for a luxury handbag company.

1     VC: How do you see your future? Where will you be in ten years?

LC: No idea, maybe as a beach bum somewhere warm and remote. As determined as I am, I don’t plan ahead too much, as long as I’m having fun!


1     VC: Where would you want to be right now?

LC: Right where I am.

1     VC: What can we find in your fridge?

LC: Lots of vegetables and milk. I love cooking and coffee.

15   VC: What was your last post on Facebook?

LC: Picture from last nights Hoodie Allen gig.


1     VC: What is your ringtone (song)

LC: My phone has been on silent since the day I got it.

1     VC: What is your biggest fear?

LC: Early mornings.

           VC: Night owl or early bird?



Words by Lete Hulscher

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