With Volt’s latest issue out now, it’s time to turn the spotlight on our talented contributors which made the latest issue as stunning as it is. Short interviews have taken place, sharing our contributors thoughts and interests. Read here about make-up artist Linda Öhrström who worked on the editorial “Through a glass darkly” featured in issue 14.

Volt Café: Did you always want to be a make-up artist? Or did you end up in this field by accident?

Linda Öhrström: I became a make-up artist avoiding the 9-5. I always loved fashion.

VC: As the beauty director of Volt you’ve been working on a variety of photo shoots. How would you describe your personal style as a make-up artist?

LÖ: Creative magpie with a colourful bag of tricks!

VC: Could you tell us more about your signature “exploding make-up” concept?

LÖ: I was getting bored of make-up always being shot on the models faces, I wanted to create more interesting beauty images with a 3-D feel.


VC: As you’re working with different clients, could you tell us how you prepare yourself before you start a new job?

LÖ: Lots of research and mood boards.

VC: As your work is quite diverse, which jobs are your absolute favourites?  Would you go for a challenge or do you prefer a job closer to your signature style?


VC: What can we find in a make up artist’s bag? Which essentials do you always carry?

LÖ: Wet wipes and clean brushes.


VC: If we were you, where would we go to for inspiration?

LÖ: Costa Rica and my mum’s Swedish house by the lake.

VC: You have worked on editorials, commercials and shows. What are the differences? How do you approach this?

LÖ: I just have to figure out if the clients want my work calm or creative.

VC: Are you a make-up or break-up type?

LÖ: Make up and make out!


VC: How do you see your future? Where will you be in ten years?

LÖ: On a tropical beach.

VC: Where would you want to be right now?

LÖ: Surfing near the equator!

VC: What can we find in your fridge?

LÖ: Home made skincare and green stuff.


VC: What was your last post on Facebook?

LÖ: Organic beauty at volt café.

VC: What’s your biggest fear?

LÖ: I’m pretty low on fear…

VC: Night owl or early bird?

LÖ: Depends on how close I am to the equator.


Credits (starting at the top): shot by Benjamin Vnuk, Rankin, Rui Faria, Rankin, Rankin

Words by Lete Hulscher

View the complete “Through a glass darkly” editorial –  buy the new issue here



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