With Volt’s latest issue out now, it’s time to turn the spotlight on our talented contributors which made the latest issue as stunning as it is. Short interviews have taken place, sharing our contributors thoughts and interests. Read here about stylist Katy Lassen who styled the editorial “Muriel” featured in issue 14.

Volt Café:What is it about fashion that made you want to become a fashion stylist?

Katy Lassen: The opportunity to play with clothes and have a role creating iconic photographs for a living.

VC: If you could name a sound or a tune that would describe the meaning of fashion for you, what would it be?

KL: The click of cameras at fashion week – there is nothing like it.

VC: The styling of the fashion editorial “Muriel” in Volt is quite clean and minimal, with a twist of nonchalance.  How would you describe your style as a stylist?

KL: I aim to create wearable looks that tell a story throughout a shoot. I have an unfussy style but I do love a colour/print clash.


VC: As you’re a freelancer, could you tell us how you prepare yourself before starting a new job?

KL: I get a good night’s sleep and keep a notebook by the bed to write down any last minute ideas.

VC: Your editorial work is quite diverse; which jobs are your absolute favourites?  Do you prefer to go for a challenge or do you prefer a styling job that is close to your own style?

KL: My favourite jobs are when the photographer and I have a really strong character/narrative that we are working towards. It can become obsessive to get it just right, and keep asking ” what would my girl be wearing and how” but it always pays off.

VC: What can we find in a stylist’s bag? Which essentials do you always carry?

KL: I swear by heavy-duty crocodile clips, wrapped in duct tape to cover the teeth!

sleek mark 02

VC: Can you tell us more about your personal style? In which areas in London can we find you shopping for yourself?

KL: My personal style is quite eclectic and can change from day to day. I like timeless pieces that suit my figure and I am slightly obsessed with having clothes that are individual to me. So I find a lot of my clothes second hand around east London vintage shops and i have also inherited a great wardrobe from my grandmother who made her own clothes and was incredibly stylish.

VC: Which capital is the absolute best for fashion and why?

KL: London. You can be yourself and be experimental and people don’t judge you. The other fashion capitals are much more conservative in their own ways.

VC: You also have a blog called “Primp and Prosper” where we can find your sources of inspiration. Your latest post shows a lot of black and white analogue imagery; is the past a main source of inspiration for you?

KL: A lot of my work is heavily influenced by nostalgia – not necessarily the past as such but a nod to a different time, I like to play with eras, mix them up and create a contemporary version. I want people to find a connection to my shoots that is more than just the current trends.

exit 07

VC: If you could have lived in the past, which era would it be?

KL: I would have been a socialite in 1920’s Paris. What fun!

VC: As seasons change so quickly, so does the fashion. If you could describe yourself as a season, which one would you be and why?

KL: Summer. I love colour and print too much.

VC: If you could style your life, where will you be in ten years?

KL: I would like my own label and a family.

VC: What can we find in your fridge?

Vegan cheese and bananas.

teeny bopper 2

VC: What was your last post on Facebook?


VC: What is your ringtone (song)?

KL: An Apple basic

VC: What is your biggest fear?

KL: I try not to fear. That’s not to say I succeed!

VC: Night owl or early bird?

KL: Early bird. I am partial to an early morning gym session that makes you feel amazing for the rest of the day.

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Credits (starting at the top): Tiger magazine shot by Thomas Lohr, Sleek magazine shot by Jonathan Hallam, Sleek magazine shot by Mark Kean, Exit Magazine shot by Greta Ilieva, Sleek magazine shot by Mark Kean

Words by Lete Hulscher

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