Fashion designers Vivienne Westwood, William Tempest, Stephen Jones, Boudicca, Aminaka Wilmont and illustrator/set designer Echo Morgan will each create spectacular installations in collaboration with acclaimed UK Theatre Company WILDWORKS, taking inspiration from Kensington Palace and the princesses who once lived there.
The complex and mysterious world of the royal court will be opened up through dreamlike installations, interactive theatre, intimate storytelling, soundscapes, haunting film projections, and a series of intriguing clues hidden throughout the historic rooms, revealing tales of love and hate, surprise and sadness, secrets and jealousy.
The King’s Grand Staircase is of true fairytale proportions, with its winding chequered stone stairs, and walls and ceilings lavishly painted with a vivid, life-sized depiction of George I’s court. In this dramatic space, Vivienne Westwood will display ‘a dress for a rebellious princess’ inspired by the spirited Princess Charlotte.
The Cupola Room is the most lavishly decorated. Boudicca’s dramatic installation imagines the lavish timepiece as the clockwork driving the palace and the machinations of court life. A soundscape of clocks ticking and chiming will be heard, whilst ‘dresses the colour of time’ circle the room.

Opens at Kensington Palace, 26 March 2010 (until January 2012)


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