Another stroke of genius from the good folks at VICE brings us Fashion Week Internationale. Devoted to that particular brand of crazy, the Fashion Show, supposedly there to show the fruits of a designer’s 6 months of gestation in order to make the public buy the schmutter. Something that on paper sounds utterly straightforward. Yet it invariably turns into a frenzy of all the worst aspects of human sins – pride, lust, avarice and hate. And that’s just London Fashion Week. Imagine for instance… Islamabad! Here Fashion Week takes place in a former bomb shelter (like for real, guys, with people actually dying and stuff, not just to add a frisson of darkness) in the extremist, violence-ridden country of Pakistan. Or Fashion Week in Medellin, Columbia, already the Mecca of plastic surgery but with aspirations to be the Fashion capital as well. For a little light relief (and who could blame them) VICE also hit up Full Figured Fashion Week in New York where the couture is XXL and the models XXF (that’s F for Fabulous!).

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Words by Anna Bang

Images courtesy of VICE


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