If Vice is throwing any kind of party, you know it’ll be good. Based on that well-deserved reputation, you’d expect their 10th anniversary party to be insane. Or that’s what every single person in London must have thought, judging by the massive queue outside Cable at London Bridge which is where Vice chose to celebrate their anniversary recently. Good thing I was on the Red VIP Media list! I confidently walked up to the entrance… where I was told the endless queue going all around the building was indeed the Red VIP Media queue. The shame! “Vice must be playing a massive joke on all of us”, muttered a fellow disappointed VIP-er as we somewhat crestfallen picked our way back to the end of the queue.
Despite the vicious cold, it was impossible to feel bored as a real-life street-style blog parade kept passing by, full of shimmering leggings, extravagant hairdos and heels of the kind of height that nobody in their right mind would choose to walk in for longer than 10 minutes.

Once we’re in it immediately became clear that Vice makes every promise come true and goes beyond! It was like entering a party that was so perfectly insane that it could only exist in video clips and raunchy teen comedies. This archetype of a proper party suddenly puts all the other ones you’ve been to in perspective. The line-up is massive, the crowd goes mental and the drinks are free, not free as in two token drinks for everyone, or the free bar closes 10 minutes after the party takes off, but proper FREEE. Limitless. Jameson whiskey with Coke, Jäger Bombs, Grolsch beer and many other drinks was ours to enjoy the entire night (no wonder that the crowd went mental!).

From the off you knew this party wasn’t for the faint hearted as the exit in one room was blocked by a half crowd surfing, half crawling heavy metal rocker, who was trying to share his performance (or whatever you like to call the animal-like grunting sounds that come from his mouth) with the booty shakers in the room next door. I didn’t see half as much of the line up as I have liked – it wasn’t that easy to maneuver yourself through a packed audience jumping around like maniacs whether in the hip-hop room, where Danny Brown was on, straight through a R&B-ish DJ set in the bar room or tin the band room where the mesmerizing Crystal Castles played and find the time to get drinks in between as well!
Iggy Azalea’s performance was definitely a highlight. The energy coming from the blonde, ponytail-whipping rapper and her background dancers, who where shaking their booties as if their lives depended on it, was overwhelming and the crowds’ response just blew the room up as she launched into her signature tunes ‘Pu$$y’ and ‘My World’.

Yes! This party was definitely worth every frozen toe!

Words by Juliette Sijnja
Images by Sam Hisco and courtesy of Vice


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