Gia Coppola

Gia Coppola

W Hotels are noted for their support of music, film, design and fashion. This time W New York has collaborated with cultural brand Liberatum to present a short film featuring creatives discussing their most transformative moments. As a nod to the life-changing instances that define us which can range from childhood, gender, city and location, career to parenting and beyond, the observations by these luminaries pay homage to music, film, design and fashion, pursuits that are loved by us all. The commission was inspired by W New York’s recent $2.2 million Living Room renovation, which is clearly a transformation of sorts. One that resulted in an important place for socializing and a meeting place for a variety of creative individuals.



Transformation is thus a celebration of the transitional moments of an A+ list of talent, both dwellers and frequent visitors to NYC, including: Dita Von Teese, Liberty Ross, Lil Buck, JR, Dianna Agron, Andreja Pejic, Yves Béhar, Gia Coppola, Francisco Costa and more.

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

The film contains comments from individuals in multidisciplinary fields, and although possibly at times very first-world concerns, the humanity overrides any skepticism. A lipstick might not be a weapon of discovery to you but it put Dita Von Teese on the map. The musings on motherhood by a beautiful model who is now an extremely rich, beautiful model with a serious art collection to boot is easily derided if you’re in a snarky mood but take a second to listen anyhow. You could discover something about them and about yourself. Careers and personal stories of transition come alive, giving a fascinating insight into what happens once you decide to take that leap. And how the initial leap can be just a very tiny step. Going to the library to do research sounds like an everyday event but it was the first milestone on the way for Andrej Pejic to become Andreja Pejic. Maybe it will inspire you to take transformative action? As Henry Ford famously said, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right’.

Andreja Peic

Andreja Pejic

Transformation and the New York City culture theme are of integral importance to W New York. Visitors to W New York can order a bespoke Transformation cocktail until the end of December.

Liberatum is a unique arts and culture organisation founded by Pablo Ganguli in 2001 that creates and produces some of the most spectacular multidisciplinary festivals, summits, content and fascinating cultural happenings in the world attended by Academy Award winners, Nobel Prize Winners, creative pioneers and cultural icons. Liberatum projects range from education to human rights, science to fashion, and literature to cinema.

Words by Anna Bang


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