Buy & Sell by Slæktskap

To my great shame I am somewhat ignorant regarding African fashion. It sometimes feels as if the artistic world of design and art has forgotten this continent, or is it just too easy to focus solely on the Western world?
Upon closer inspection Africa is a riot of emerging talent, creativity and ideas.
Recently a poster project called ‘them-and-us’ focused on the difference as well as the similarities between first and third world views and aesthetics. Twenty European and twenty African visual artists, designers, illustrators and photographers were paired up and given the task to each create a poster in two prescribed colours based on opposites such as Clean & Dirty, Love & Hate, Crazy & Calm etc.
This series of 20 double-sided posters will be published along with a 64-page publication profiling each of the artists involved. Detailing the purpose and process of the project thus showing the result of how we both socially and spiritually are affected by each other’s culture. It will be exhibited in Durban, Cape Town, Stockholm and London during 2010. All proceeds from sales will go to Amnesty International to help in the global fight against intolerance.
Them–And–Us is curated by South African design studio disturbance, Stockholm resident and graphic designer Noel Pretorius and British designer/writer Adrian Shaughnessy who will also write and edit the accompanying publication.

Clean & Dirty by Piet Pienaar

Big & Small by Martin Nicolausson

Big & Small by Merwe Marchand le Roux


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