Designer Hasan Hejazi, renowned for his feminine, body sculpting, Hollywood-glam dresses, and primadonna pop queen Marina and the Diamonds have been inseparable ever since Marina first noticed Hasan’s irresistible designs. Marina’s classical beauty has been fueling Hasan with inspiration and Marina’s always happy to promote her talented friend by wearing his designs.
Now the designer and his muse promise each other their unconditional love with a melodramatic wedding in a hyper real setting. Volt Café speaks to the duo about the inspiration behind this theatrical shoot, their love of nasty pop culture and eating cake out of a bin, Geri Halliwell-style.

Volt Café: Can you explain a bit more about the concept behind the shoot and video you did for your new collection?
Hasan Hejazi: The photo shoot and fashion film called “WEDDING BELLS” is a special project which Marina and I have been really excited about. It is a tongue in cheek way of marrying designer and muse. Most importantly we wanted to enjoy the project and create something special that excited us. The wedding theme developed nicely as it fits in great with Marina’s “Electra Heart” album and some of the songs on there. We wanted to create quite a surreal look so we had the pleasure of working with Tim Bret-Day on the photo shoot and Thomas Knights on the video, which worked out perfectly for what we had in mind.

VC: Marina says that “State of dreaming” is your favourite of her songs and that you like to dance to it in front of the mirror while you sing into a hairbrush. Why is this your favorite song? Does it evoke a special emotion in you? And how does the song inspire you?
HH: The song to me is quite magical yet haunting but it has a really happy chorus to sing along to, it’s one of those songs that gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it. As I loved the song so much we chose the instrumental version of the song for the fashion video, it’s here that you realise the music is a perfect wedding track because of all the chiming bells. I love it!!!

VC: Apart from Marina you’ve dressed an impressive list of pop stars such as Fergie, Kylie Minogue and Cheryl Cole, but you say that it’s your ultimate dream to have dressed Madonna 10 years ago. Do you have something in mind you’d have created for her back then?
HH: I love Madonna so much, I’d dress her even today as I think she’s still on top of her game and continues to go against the grain of everything as a performer, an artist, a musician and a celebrity. However, I did love her most in her Blonde Ambition/Vogue era and that’s when I’d have loved to dress her. I haven’t designed anything specific for her but it would have to be something super sexy and probably black.

VC: Even though many people dream about being such a successful designer as you, you’d pick a musical talent over your design talent. Which designer would you ask to design your stage outfit if you actually were a pop star instead of a designer?
HH: I’d love to be a pop star actually, but I’m not sure I’d pick it over being a designer. In a dream world I would be to be both so I could be a pop star and design my own tour outfits!!!! #DREAMLAND

VC: Now I would like to ask a question for you from your muse Marina and hear your answer! Marina’s question to Hasan was: ‘Have you ever eaten cake out of a bin, Geri Halliwell style? BE HONEST.’
HH: Of course, who hasn’t? I like cake (especially microwaved) and I love Geri Halliwell!

VC: Marina, you’ve been a big fan of Hasan’s designs ever since you went to his first MA student show show at the V&A, where he showed a collection of womenswear that combined sportswear details with glamourous corset silhouettes in a strong palette of magenta, purple and royal blue. Do you remember what your thoughts were, when you saw his designs for the first time?
Marina: They were these modern and eccentric designs that paid homage to the hourglass figure. My first thoughts were: “I WANT THAT!”

VC: The two of you have been friends ever since. What makes your friendship with Hasan so strong?
M: It’s a basic thing for me. Consistent contact. I am a terrible friend to most people as I’m travelling constantly but Has and I have managed to keep our friendship going throughout my last 2 album campaigns so obviously something works! We can both be silly around each other. We love the cheap and nasty of pop culture and we blend that with a true love for elegance and strong feminine aesthetics.

VC: The dresses you wore at the party at Baroque were absolutely stunning. Are you involved in the design process as well when Hasan creates something for you, or do you give him complete creative freedom?
M: Thank you very much. I’m not involved in the designing itself at all. He runs ideas by me, using me as a sounding board but that’s as far as it goes. I was more behind the conceptual element. The theme of Wedding Bells ran as an extension of ‘Electra Heart’ perfectly. A celebration of doomed love filtered through a pop-art magnifying glass.

VC: What was it like to dance in a shower with five half-naked men for the music video of your new single Heart Breaker?
M: Oh it was terrible. I asked if I could have a body double to do it as it was such a nightmare but alas, I had to be brave and step up to my pop star obligations…

VC: Now I would like to ask you a question from Hasan, which goes like this: ‘My Question to you eerrrrrmmm….What is your favourite Madonna moment (it can be a song, music video, performance, press stunt, boob slip or anything)??? Haha!’
M: My fave Madonna moment was her shambolic yet amazing performance of ‘Like A Virgin’ for Live Aid back in 1985. She was writhing on the floor, slightly out of key, making you realise a totally perfect pop star had just been born.

Words by Juliette Sijnja

Concept | Hasan Hejazi and Marina and The Diamonds
Photography | Tim Bret Day
Retouching | Stuart Lee
Film | Thomas Knights
Music | ‘State of Dreaming’ Marina and the Diamonds Taken from the album ‘Electra Heart’
Dresses and Veil | Hasan Hejazi with embroidery by Hawthorne and Heaney
Suit | Gresham Blake for Hasan Hejazi
Styling | Joseph Kocharian
Make up | Andrew Gallimore @CLM Hair and Make up
Hair | Aaron Carlo @Headmasters
Nails | Loui Marie Ebanks
Cake | Choccywoccydoodah
Bouquet | The Flower stand Chelsea
Jewellery | Stephen Webster and Shaun Leane
Shoes | Manolo Blahnik and Kurt Geiger
Assistants | Victoria Gregory, Rhea Le Riche, Huw Garrett, Dave English
With Special thanks to | Baroque Club London, Lucinda Cottrell, Cassandra Maxwell, Hair Rehab


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