It’s amazing to think that S. E. Hinton was just 15 when she started writing her much-loved novel The Outsiders. When Francis Ford Coppola was looking for smaller, more intimate projects after the epic success of Godfather I and II, not to mention Apocalypse Now, The Outsiders was the perfect vehicle. Starring a very baby-faced Matt Dillon and the late Patrick Swayze, besides a veritable who’s who of the 80s Bratpack – C Thomas Howell, Ralph Maccio, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise and Diane Lane, it’s a touching celebration of brotherly love and gang allegiance and the consequences of what happens when it all goes wrong.

More than twenty years later, Coppola has revisited and restored the film, re-integrating a further 22 minutes of footage, including a new beginning and a finale that’s much truer to S.E. Hinton’s original. The musical score has also been substituted with era-appropriate sounds by Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and The Ventures. And fans of Tom Waits should look out for his turn as Buck Merrill!

The 2 disc Special Edition includes a collector’s booklet with production history and collectable character artcards.

The UK DVD and Blu-ray premiere is on the 31st October 2011

All images by kind permission of Studiocanal.


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