In the 20th century there were many predictions that we’d only be working 15 hours or even less a week by now. John Maynard Keynes was one of those who thought it would happen. Back in 1930, Keynes predicted that the working week would be drastically cut to perhaps 15 hours a week, with people choosing to have far more leisure as their material needs were satisfied. Sadly, that hasn’t happened yet, instead we’re more work obsessed than ever, our phones, tablets and laptops turning us into well-trained lab rats eagerly pressing buttons for the next drop of sugar water. But don’t despair – we can attempt to turn this round. The lovely people at Microsoft Lumia have announced the launch of a limited edition commuter newspaper, the catchily named The Five to Nine, with five daily issues to be published between 22 June and 26 June and distributed the following morning. The Five to Nine newspaper will inspire and encourage you to get out of office mode and instead do creative things, all that magic stuff that really fires you up.
If you look at research, recent figures suggests that as people work longer hours, they are not able to spend time doing things they actually really care about. Nearly half (46%) of UK employees spent the May bank holiday working, with nearly two thirds (60%) of those who did so going into the office in spite of mobile technology which makes remote working easier. 58% of those who use smartphones for work confess that they don’t use them to their full potential, undermining their productivity.
The Five to Nine newspaper aim to show what can be achieved by using technology to work smarter and more efficiently.
Bacon’s studio. Maybe your inner artist will be released in similar way!
And of course when people are happy and inspired, they work more efficiently. Win-win situation for everyone. Imagine reading a newspaper full of happy, uplifting headlines instead of the usual depressing stories on crime, disasters and scandal? The Five to Nine newspaper will be that newspaper, focussing on positive, uplifting content. YAY!
Speaking at the launch of the newspaper, Jules Grudniewicz, Campaigns and Partnerships Manager for Microsoft Devices in UK & Ireland, says: “With time so often at a premium, Microsoft Lumia is committed to enabling people to get the most out of their days. Using the combined power of Microsoft devices, we will create a fresh new publication that will help commuters go to work with a smile on their faces, reinvigorated.”
Each edition of the newspaper is being curated in collaboration with the editorial teams from some of the UK’s most exciting and forward- thinking print and online publications, covering five themes. They are as follows:
Monday 22nd June | Culture: Protein
Tuesday 23rd June | Music: Boiler Room
Wednesday 24th June | Fashion: Schön!
Thursday 25th June | Design: Grafik
Friday 26th June | Sport: The Green Soccer Journal
And here’s where anyone creative will play an important part. In addition to commissioned content, the newspaper will crowd source “good news” stories, life hacks and musings from contributors across the UK via collaborator networks and social media. Budding creatives and members of the public can submit content using the hashtag #AchieveMore.
10,000 copies of The Five to Nine newspaper will be distributed the next morning at creative and commuter hubs in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh.
Each day’s editorial team will also host a free workshop where members of the public can learn a new skill or listen to an industry professional at The Five to Nine workspace at Protein Studios in East London. As William Rowe, Founder and CEO of Protein, says, “With Microsoft Lumia, you have everything you need to write, take photos, create, design and manage at your fingertips. We’re incredibly excited about the challenge and can’t wait to see the results.”
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Words by Anna Bang


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