Juan Carlos Verona was born in ’84 in Spain and grew up surrounded by a family of hairdressers. In the early 2000 he left his hometown looking for new experiences and moved to Madrid. He then studied photography in Barcelona and in 2010 came to London where he now works with different artists, does test shoots with models, shoots stories… and… occasionally cuts/colours hair in East London!
 For this work he was inspired by a School and City Workers vibe. He imagined a girl who just finished her studies and started working in an office. Tried to keep an adult yet still a teenager feeling. Tatiana Krasikova is with Storm Models here in London. She was born in Russia, lives in New York and has recently appeared in Vogue Italia.
The Location is off Kitsh Studio in Seven Sisters, London. Luckily the location worked out perfectly with the story we wanted to tell.
The track is Smokes by Question Mark & the Mysterians. They are from Michigan, USA.
Words by : Anna Bang


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