Stooki x Topman 6
In a world of female adornment overflow, a piece of jewelry for a man is a treasure that’s often hard to find. Thankfully a new collaboration between the jewelry brand Stööki and Topman has just been launched. The London based independent jewelry and apparel label Stööki wanted to offer the young fashionable guy a unique piece of adornment to spice up his everyday look. Therefore, Stööki got together with Topman to create a new and innovative men’s jewelry line.

Stooki x Topman 4

The founders and craftmakers of Stööki, Quincey Cassell Williams, Nadia Abbas and Luke Hippolyte, designed an 11-piece jewelry collection called “Geodesic” exclusively for Topman. The gold plated collection features geometric shapes and layers, giving it a cutting-edge look. Stööki present itself as collaborative brand presenting a lifestyle and the jewelry literally functions as a bridge in between jewelry piece and the garment. This will give your everyday outfit an extra touch of excitement through key pieces such as sharp button covers and ornate collar tips.

Stooki x Topman 5

Join the Stööki movement by becoming a proud owner of one of the unique Stööki x Topman collaboration pieces. The limited edition range will be available in the following Topman branches: Oxford Circus, Topman in Manchester, LA, New York and online. The price range varies from  £20 – £60.

Words by Lete Hulscher


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