Seeing as this year’s graduates are about to showcase their final collections and leave behind the comfort of university, we’ve caught up with the graduates of 2014. They discuss their experiences, achievements, hopes and losses since graduating with us.
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Stefanie Tschirky believes design is all about finding your own visual language. Exploring geometric shapes, clean lines and expressions of aesthetics in both her time at Kingston University and her current MA work at RCA, she’s creating clothes that are both functional and divinely beautiful.
Volt Café: Sum up what you do in one sentence
Stefanie Tschirky: Exploring the idea of defining space with the focus on structures, repetitions, space, chaos, perfection and their relation to each other.
VC: A lot of your work investigates the beauty of clean lines and geometric shapes, and you also address the idea of defining shapes with mathematical theories. Do you think the fashion world and mathematics world can co-exist?
ST: Yes definitely, maybe it is not obvious but they have so many things in common. Fashion and maths are both concerned with abstract ideas, the study of forms, expression of aesthetics and both are aiming for perfection.
VC: You are currently doing a Masters at the Royal College of Art. How has this helped you develop your style?
ST: I’m now in my first year and I am going to graduate from the Royal College of Art in July 2016. Since September I have develop my style a lot. I was pushed to take more risks, make mistakes, explore, try new techniques and find new materials… It is all about finding and defining your own language. It helped a lot to develop my identity as a fashion designer and I’m really excited to explore it a lot further over the next year.
VC: You won a competition from the Council of Fashion Designers of America with your portfolio. How do you think this will help you with your future career?
ST: I’m really excited to be one of the winners. I hope that it will help me to get recognized by the industry, especially by the American fashion industry. It might help me to find a job after I graduate or open up other great opportunities.
VC: You custom made some garments on set for Alexander Fury and Amanda Harlech What was it like making garments for such important and well-respected people in the industry?
ST: It was great to work with such important and talented people. The photo shoot was under the theme DIY, even the camera was homemade. Alexander Fury and Amanda Harlech gave me already existing clothes and fabrics and I had to reconstruct them on the set. I was definitely nervous about that photo shooting. I had to work really quickly and I had to be very spontaneous because there was not a lot of time to make the garments. But the team was great. It was a really creative atmosphere and everyone was really passionate about what they were doing. It was definitely the best photo shoot I have worked on so far.
VC: You’re influenced by contemporary architecture, are there buildings that particularly inspire you?
ST: This always depends on the project I work on. At the moment it’s the experimental work of Rotterdam-based Lars Spuybroek and his NOX Architecture studio. Especially because they have been at the forefront of the development of digital design in architecture and they produce architecture as well as art.
VC: Should clothes exist purely to be functional or should they have a fashion or artistic element to them?
ST: Clothes have to be functional but we are also attracted to beauty. People would not buy ‘ugly’ functional clothes. So yes they should have a fashion or artistic element to them.
VC: What music artists do you think have the biggest impact on the fashion industry in terms of style and artistic inspiration?
ST: I don’t think there are specific music artists who inspire the fashion industry. Every company, designer, stylist or photographer has his or her own muse. For them this specific artist has a big impact in their work. Who the artist is also depends on the consumer, culture and interest of the brand. David Bowie, Björk, Madonna and Grace Jones are just a few artists which had/have had a great impact.
VC:If you had to pick one designer to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
ST: I design clothes that I like and want to wear myself. I would say I wear my own designs for the rest of my life.
Words by Annie Lunnon and Danielle Westwood


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