LONDON_GRAMMAR-01Those of you (hi, mum!) who reads this site regularly knows how much we love Sound + Rhythm Tumblr. It’s just so authentic and very different from your typical music site. Probably thanks to the strong input from Noisey,’s music channel – Vice may be many things (thank god) but never ever boring. It’s sponsored by Burberry Brit Rhythm, the new fragrance from Burberry, and there’s currently six short films showing artists getting ready to go on stage.



This week’s short focuses on London Grammar, with several interviews featuring Dot, Dan and Hannah reminiscing amongst other things about their first music loves (Nickelback, Christina Aguilera and some band called InMe (?!), anyone?).


The Sound + Rhythm Tumblr is the perfect vehicle for showing off how great British music can be, it is about saluting the very unique spirit that runs through British output that somehow ties together such a wide range of creativity and characters. The interviews feel fresh and unfettered by music label Nazis and PR people monitoring every soundbite. And you get playlists, Instagram photos from gigs all over the world and videos as well. We have such a wealth of talent in the UK. Head over to the Sound + Rhythm Tumblr to discover some of them.

Words by Anna Bang



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