The Serpentine Gallery and the V&A is to stage a rather unique and fantastic sounding overnight event of talks, films, experiments, music, psychology and even a midnight feast! The event starts at the V&A on the 30th July as part of Summer Camp and continues 10pm – 8am inside the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2010 designed by Jean Nouvel. Sleepover is part of a series of Friday Night events in the Pavilion including Park Nights and the Serpentine Gallery Map Marathon.
Artists, architects, musicians, psychologists, scientists and others will host activities throughout the night, in an experiment to map sleep and sleeplessness. During the night the psychedelic qualities of insomnia, and the productive potential of alternative sleep-states will be investigated. The prolific writer and psychoanalyst Darian Leader will give a talk on sleep disorders and dreams, followed by a mid-night feast by jelly mongers (yes, really!) Bompas & Parr and friends. Breakfast by Alex Rich and ÅBÄKE will be prepared and served to accompany a movie, with food chosen to fit the film. The night will also include a series of three Insomnia Labs featuring talks and discussions on professional insomniacs, the night, dreaming and sleep. Writer Melissa Gronlund and artist Laure Prouvost will explore the relationship between insomnia, art and literature, while psychologist Dr Angelica Ronald will lecture on why we sleep and the concept of sleep debt. Artists’ films will be screened throughout the night, showing sleep practices and the possibilities of creative sleeplessness. Sleepover will also feature lullabies, music and sound performances by visual artist Mark Garry, composer Karl Burke and musician and vocalist Eileen Carpio, as well as artist Dale Berning.

Registration at the V&A by 10.30pm. 
No re-admittance between midnight and 5am.
Tickets £35 / £25 concessions.
From the Serpentine Gallery Lobby Desk 0207 298 1500 or Ticketweb: 08444 771 000


Serpentine Pavilion,