‘Mirror’ by Margi Gerlinks. Courtecy TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam

The Wellcome Collection returns to the subject of the human body for its summer exhibition ‘Skin’.
Our skin gives us a vital defensive layer, is key for our sense of touch and provides us with a sensitive and visible protection between our inside and the outside world. Spots, scars, moles, wrinkles, tans and tattoos: all of those on our skin gives you clues about anyone’s lifestyle, health, age and personality, as well as their cultural and religious background. The way the skin is able to regenerate and repair itself is also truly remarkable.
The exhibition will show early medical drawings, 19th century paintings, anatomical models and cultural artefacts juxtaposed with sculpture, photography, and film works by artists including the late British conceptual artist Helen Chadwick and Belgian artist Wim Delvoye.
Side by side with the ‘Skin’ exhibition is the ‘Skin Lab’, which shows artistic responses to the latest developments in plastic surgery, scar treatments and synthetic skin technologies, including two newly commissioned works by the artists Rhian Solomon and Gemma Anderson.
Our skin provides a living document of transformation, deformity, ageing and illness. It also serves as a canvas where personal and cultural practices of decoration, construction of identity and self-expression are communicated to the world.

‘Skin’ 10th June – 26th September at The Wellcome Collection

‘Psoriasis’ by Tamsin van Essen

‘Skinbag jacket’ courtecy of www.skinbag.net


Gemma Anderson, Helen Chadwick, Rhian Solomon, The Wellcome Collection, Wim Delvoye,