Själ means spirit, mind, heart and soul in Swedish. The packaging is also very evocative of Scandinavian design and core values, a simplistic, clean appeal where everything feels wholesome to the touch. So you already know you’re looking at something beautiful and unique here. A very special skincare range, Själ integrates elements of Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, homeopathic and vibrational medicine combined with the latest scientific innovations. Old world core knowledge combined with the best of modern day science basically.

Själ has been conceived by skincare enthusiasts, Karen and Kristin Petrovich (mother and daughter), who’d noticed skin care lines created all-too-detailed and often confusing treatments. They agreed the products probably worked but that the concept of extensive-line skincare seemed to be more for the benefit of the producer rather than the consumer.

Karen and Kristin searched for a skincare regimen that successfully addressed most concerns with only a minimal amount of products. They set out to challenge the market by creating a holistic, simple yet effective regimen that really works to benefit the skin’s overall appearance and health. Själ was created from decades of extensive research sourced from around the globe.

Kristin and Karen decided to merge their personal interest in/studies of Eastern and alternative medicines with Western biotechnology. To achieve this, they consulted with various experts ranging from research scientists, biologists, herbalists, nutritionists and spiritualists with intuitive vision. Additionally, they studied degenerative aging diseases such as diabetes, AIDS and cancer in their efforts to seek out the most cutting edge and progressive ideas for healing, repair and anti-aging.

As a consumer you are always searching for that hero product which can hold up its own against today’s toxic environment while nurturing the skin as much as possible. I really like their philosophy of as few products as possible. Very few of us have got the time or energy to apply a panoply of products at the end of a busy day, no-one wants an exhaustive routine where you have to squint at 10 different and complicated instructions when you come back from a night on the tiles; you just want the bare minimum to do the job.

Själ Balans Deep Pore Cleanser is definitely that product. It’s so light your skin instantly feels refreshed as soon as it hits your epidermis. It’s lovely to give yourself a little mini-massage as you apply it. Lightly wipe it off with tissue and voila! Done. Fresh as a daisy. Slate wiped clean. The Själ team recommends once a day under normal circumstances, and twice if you’re stressed, travelling, live somewhere very polluted or have oily skin. I sometimes use it as a pick-me-up in the afternoon instead of a coffee, gives you that just-showered feeling which is a nice boost if the day is dragging a bit and you have a lot to do.

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Words by Anna Bang


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