When the term ‘frills’ comes to mind, you don’t necessarily associate it with denim. Frills, denim? Denim, frills? Does that even exist outside of a toddler’s closet? That being said, Simone Rocha has challenged these notions and combined the two in her recent (and downright beautiful) collaboration with denim aficionados J Brand.

At the very beginning of the process, J Brand asked Rocha what style of jean she liked to wear, and she honestly admitted that she and her closet are both strangers to denim, however this didn’t stop her from taking on the challenge by “working against the grain and trying to treat it like any other fabric” (

Rocha started her research with her love for preppy school uniforms and an outright rejection of the classic blue denim. Instead she opted for a colour palette of black, statement red and a blushing pink. Her love for all things cute and girly has definitely come across strong, but in a way that reinterprets denim and merges masculine, boxy silhouettes with über-feminine details (aka her signature frills). It’s almost like she’s making a denim collection for anti-denim women.

The 14 piece collection goes on sale at Dover Street Market on November 14 and consists of cropped jackets, ankle baring boy jeans and voluminous dresses all possessing Rocha’s frilly goodness.

We predict a global sell-out, so you better grab your tents and form an orderly queue.

Visit her website at: Simone Rocha

Words By Rochelle Bambury


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