Shura makes the sort of music you want to listen to for hours and learn every word to and cry to and be happy to and I guess… everything to. The British/Russian singer-songwriter producer, whose real name is Aleksandra (Shura being the Russian abbreviation of her name) has already caused a stir with her hypnotic debut single “Touch” and now with the release of her new track “Indecision” we sense she is not going to be one to forget about.

She has a fragile, yet melodic approach to music that makes listening bliss. The dreamy sound is thanks to her über crush on analogue synths, which have a massive affect on the feel of her tunes. Citing Madonna and Janet Jackson among her influences (and possibly Cyndi Lauper?) she meshes 80’s pop with splashes of hip hop and 90’s R’n’B flawlessly.

Shura is one of the more exciting singers we’ve heard in 2014 and we are excited to see what she has in store for us next. Unfortunately her recent London show sold out instantly and we heard it was a banger, luckily she’s promised “Gonna have to do another one then innit!”

Fingers crossed it is soon, because we’re yearning to sway to her tunes. Here’s a taste of “Indecision”, her newest single that everyone is melting over and which has already been Huw Stephens’ (BBC Radio 1) Single of the Week . Enjoy! Be warned though, you’ll have it on repeat forever.

Words by Rochelle Bambury


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