Tim Noble & Sue Webster Forever
Digital Limited Edition
© Tim Noble & Sue Webster, courtesy of www.seditionart.com

s[edition] is not just another online initiative. Instead it promises to revolutionise the whole concept of art buying. Rather than the current, somewhat exclusive concept, where you buy a piece of art, squirrel it away for the sole delectation of you and whoever you’d like to impress, thanks to the brilliant concept by founders Harry Blain and Robert Norton it now turns into something that anyone with as little as £5 (basically the equivalent of a visit to Starbucks, Pret a Manger or even MaccyD’s) can decide to do. s[edition] brings digital limited edition art by the world’s leading contemporary artists to mobile phones, iPads, computers and television screens. The latter is especially exciting – instead of watching the usual drivel, you could actually contemplate your very own Tracey Emin or Michael Craig-Martin in the comfort of your living room…

s[edition] is launched today with 9 artists, Mat Collishaw, Tracey Emin, Michael Craig-Martin, Shepard Fairey, Damien Hirst, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Bill Viola, Isaac Julien and Wim Wenders with 10 more as yet unnamed artists working on pieces as we speak. s[edition] intend to introduce fresh names every month.

The artists themselves are naturally very excited to be part of this phenomenon, they like the simplicity and mass distribution aspect and find the immediacy appealing as well. Above all it is a very democratic and fabulous way to embrace digital media.

You can as mentioned become a collector for as little as £5. You get a signed certificate with each purchase and you can decide to gift the artwork on, sell it or keep it forever, it’s totally your choice. The site is developed by Barnbrook, one of the most celebrated design agencies in the UK and offers a host of possibilities where you can follow the artist, create a wish list and keep track of your purchases. As a follower, you are informed of any new exhibitions coming up. The possibilities are limitless – send your loved one a piece of art or give a mobile that has been personalised by the addition of an artwork you know that person loves. Or as Tracey Emin suggests, have one of her neons in the room at a party.

Mat Collishaw likens it to ‘iTunes for contemporary art’. Tracey Emin likes the idea that original pieces of art can go directly to people for a very low price and that it makes pure art available. And Isaac Julien reiterated the populist aspect, ‘There is a certain democratisation in the ways in which we can have access to art through this medium that other ones cannot provide in the same way.’

And it is of course free to join!

s[edition] launches today at www.seditionart.com

Words by Anna Bang

Tracey Emin I Promise to Love You
Digital Limited Edition
© Tracey Emin, courtesy of www.seditionart.com

Isaac Julien courtesy of www.seditionart.com

Michael Craig-Martin Lighthouse
Digital Limited Edition
© Michael Craig-Martin, courtesy of www.seditionart.com

Tim Noble & Sue Webster courtesy of www.seditionart.com

Shepard Fairey Peaceguard
Digital Limited Edition
© Shepard Fairey, courtesy of www.seditionart.com

Mat Collishaw courtesy of www.seditionart.com


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