Scream by RubiCANE

For anyone who didn’t manage to squeeze through the excited throng at RubiCANE’s last exhibition at Soho’s Society Club and who has been castigating themselves for not getting their hands on one of his beautiful drawings, here’s another chance! The Last Tuesday Society on Mare Street will be exhibiting the remaining drawings from the 16th June to run alongside an exhibition on the late Sebastian Horsley. The opening is on the 16th June from 4-8pm. And there are rumours the enchanting Stephen Fry will be doing a reading… Pretty much unmissable. Expect a mad crush.

String by RubiCANE

RubiCANE : SOUVENIR, the book of pornographic drawings is being sold at the ICA (enshrined in a nice display case) and you’ll also find it at Soho Books, Donlon Books on Broadway Market and the tailor Spencer Hart – the latter perhaps a little random but can provide a surprising read as you wait for your hems to be pinned! On a practical note should make it obvious whether ‘sir’ dresses to the left or the right, ahem!

A percentage of the book sales goes to his chosen charity, Outsiders, which supports the sexual needs of disabled people. The money is being used for the overall running of the charity, events and helpline. So far he has raised over £650.

RubiCANE also works as a portrait painter, Ian Bruce, and back in the day he painted a portrait of Sebastian Horsley. The infamous Sebastian Horsley – artist, writer, drug addict, sex columnist, pimp, prostitute, national treasure. A self-proclaimed dandy of the underworld and the embodiment of decadence, Sebastian lived his life like a character from a novel. Whenever I walk past his last residence in Meard Street in Soho I imagine his ghost still haunting that upstairs flat… (Probably wondering what the blazes is happening to the Soho of yore as the mall-ification that’s running rampant elsewhere in London is now engulfing Soho too).

The inimitable Sebastian Horsley

The show at The Last Tuesday Society is a tribute to Sebastian’s life and legacy and a must for any Horsley devotee as it is a rare opportunity to see some of his cherished keep-sakes, those tailored suits, the signature top hat, items of inspiration from his desk and his mournful paintings of sunflowers.

Ian Bruce – RubiCANE
Sebastian Horsley
16th June – 5th September 2012
Open to the public every Saturday
The Last Tuesday Society
11 Mare Street
London E8 4RP

Words by Anna Bang

Muscle In by RubiCANE


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