London-based artist Reece Jones’ show of charcoal drawings currently at All Visual Art’s magnificent 5000 square foot space in King’s Cross is a must-see. The images invite you to immerse yourself in the intriguing mixture of stark compositional geometry with invented and organic landscapes. At the opening people were patiently waiting their turn to silently contemplate the unusually large scale artworks.

Each piece is created by building up a fragile image and then erasing with glass paper to create a ‘ghost’. Jones will repeat this process several times, ending up with a dense tonal field, which is interspersed with moments of insistent detail. The end result is darkly surreal and mesmerizing; they are often landscapes and you feel as if there’s a filmic narrative, as if something has just happened. Jones is inspired by and makes references to such diverse artists as James Turrell, Kazimir Malevich, Mark Rothko, Ansel Adams and Stanley Kubrick. To some the idea of a charcoal drawing might sound somewhat dry initially but be prepared to suspend your prejudice as Jones’ work is anything but.

Control Test represents the culmination of a series of works developed over the past two years. Elements of the current exhibition were first shown at the Triumph Gallery in Moscow in June 2010, which was his first solo exhibition outside London; the current exhibition at AVA is his first solo exhibition in London.

Reece Jones | Control Test
Until 21st April 2012
2 Omega Place
N1 9DR

All images by kind permission of AVA
Words by Anna Bang

Cunning Stunts

Drugs of a Nation





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