There really isn’t much that Quentin Jones can’t do. She has dashed her signature ink scribble on ad campaigns for the likes of Kenzo, Chanel and Louis Vuitton and recently got Miley Cyrus all tongue tied in her BDSM- lite themed animation. Her talents span across the disciplines of filmmaker, illustrator, animator and model and now the young artist is teaming up with innovative spacial designer Robert Storey for an exciting new collaborative exhibition at the Vinyl Factory.

While fashion imagery is typically sleek and glossy, Jones gives her work a lo-fi feel using stop-motion photography, roughly hewn collage gifs that are ripped apart as quickly as they appear, grungy illustrations and a monochromatic palette. Cats, eyes and lips are recurring motifs. It’s surreal, playful and a little bit naughty, and that subversive streak stems back to Jones’ childhood in London. And although Storey’s work may almost be the polar opposite aesthetic-wise to Jones’, everything comes together in an unholy union when combined.

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This exhibition will be the first to feature the full range of Jones’ work and Robert Story will create a specific set space for each collection on her work. The separate areas will be connected through the use of light and positive and negative space within the walls creating a surreal and disorientating playground of five years of work.

With two of the freshest artists in the London scene at the moment, this is an exhibition you cannot miss.

The Fractured and the Feline: Quentin Jones with Robert Storey is presented by The Vinyl Factory from 19th November – 13th December. Keep an eye out for Jones’ sister, whose catering company Tart will be hosting a pop-up restaurant, but only on certain days.


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