Pret A Diner is back. The 13th of September saw a downright Bacchanalian launch event in the beautiful Senate rooms at the Royal Academy, which had even hardcore fashionistas gleefully trough away at the insanely delicious food on offer. As for the cocktails, well! After the third of these more-ish concoctions artfully curated by renowned mixologists Marian Beke and Stephan Hinz, it was pretty much a blur. I think there was some art. Definitely a very high caliber of the beautiful people from the worlds of fashion, bohemia and money – at one point I can swear I saw Malcolm McLaren and Sebastian Horsley. Yes, it was that kind of party and if either one was still alive, I’m sure he would have been there.

Anyone who attended the very successful The Minotaur at The Old Vic Tunnels in 2011 and Italians Do It Better at 50 St James’s Street this summer will know what I’m talking about but for those who don’t, it’s basically a case of showcasing the art of mixology by inviting renowned mixologists from across Europe to take the stage. That in itself would be enough, but they take it that bit further by tempting us with the best Pret A Diner signature dishes (we’re talking Michelin starred food) and a melange of contemporary arts and music to cater for every taste.

However, the experience is not limited to solely food, drink, art and music. Members can choose the lounge or one of thirty seats on the edge of the central grand scaffold structure of exposed scaffold poles, aged wood and glass, which act as a virtual amphitheatre, allowing you to observe the mastery of world renowned mixologists. This is the coolest experience ever, basically like having a team of super-talented guys keep suggesting you try this delicious soupçon of heavenly risotto or that insane-looking cocktail. The Pret A Diner crème brulee alone should come with some sort of government warning. No really. It should.

A combination of world-class cocktails and culinary trends, Pret A Diner’s pop-up private member’s club at The Burlington Social Club is set to provide an exclusive drinking and dining experience. The Burlington Social Club is a laboratory to match the latest creations of international star bartenders with the best Pret A Diner signature dishes and a melange of master mixology, glorious cuisine, contemporary arts and music for bohemians, cultural and art enthusiasts, urban explorers, food fanatics and party animals alike.

Pret A Diner Presents | The Burlington Social Club
6 Burlington Gardens, Royal Academy of Arts
London W1S 3ET
Open daily from 6.30pm – 12.30am till the 17th November 2012

Words by Anna Bang


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