I recently watched Chris Rock’s documentary on the definition of good hair, as interpreted by Black Americans, mostly Black women, called (rather self-evidently) Good Hair. It’s a great film and very funny, but one line especially made me laugh, ‘A Black woman will usually have at least 37 hair products in her bathroom cabinet.’ To which my (Black) friend added drily, ‘Yes. And she won’t remember which one actually works, so she has to keep using them all!’

To be honest, my hair is fairly unimpressed with most products except the real purse-wincing ones from Aveda and Kiehl’s. Which is why this one is such a find. First of all, its credentials are first class, as it is infused with seven pure and natural plant extracts and is silicone and paraben free. Secondly, it’s priced at a very likeable £12,50 (you only need a pea sized amount). The tube is small enough to pop in your handbag. It works on both dry and damp hair and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your hands. It smells natural, kind of nutty/woody, not of synthetic perfume. And it actually works beautifully. Leaves my frizzy winter damaged hair looking freshly styled, all silky, sheeny locks. My hair looks like it has been on a lovely holiday somewhere lush. Now that’s Good Hair.

Daily hydrating botanical cream
£12,50 | 50ml

Words by Anna Bang


Phyto 7,