Seeing as this year’s graduates are about to showcase their final collections and leave behind the comfort of university, we’ve caught up with the graduates of 2014. They discuss their experiences, achievements, hopes and losses since graduating with us.
Middlesex – fashion communication and styling – stylist – www.phoebe-wilson.tumblr.com -phoebe_wilson92@hotmail.com
International research has never been so glamorous. Thanks to Middlesex university Fashion Communication and Styling graduate Phoebe Wilson, travelling to do market research, investigate trends and venture to new places is what we all want to do.
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Volt Café: Sum up what you do in one sentence
Phoebe Wilson: Basically I am an international researcher, my role is to travel to different cities in the UK and around the world to research fashion retailers. It involves a lot of walking and a lot of patience. But it’s keeping me fit and expanding my knowledge of trend forecasting and visual merchandising. Big perk of the job is definitely the travel, I love venturing to new places it’s thrilling.
VC: International researcher and stylist are quite different positions; do you find any similarities between the two roles?
PW: They are incredibly different; there isn’t really anything similar with the roles. International researcher is not as individually creative; you are sticking to a client’s brief rather than creating your own.
VC: Do you prefer men’s or women’s styling?
PW: It depends, I use a lot of femininity within my men’s styling projects, so in that respect I love men’s styling, creating a feminine look especially on the masculine ‘lad’ models – I find the contrast so interesting. But as a woman I love nothing more than creating looks for women.
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VC: You’ve worked as a stylist assistant at a magazine as well as freelance. What’s the difference between being freelance and working for a specific publication?
PW: Working for yourself and for someone else are two very different things. Sometime it’s nice to get involved with someone else’s idea and help that come alive, but you always miss being in control, with your own freelance projects your imagination has no limits I love that the most about freelance – you’re free to express yourself!
VC: You recently returned from Prague. Does travelling to European cities famous for their art and architecture inspire you?
PW: Definitely! I love visiting new places be it a random English town I’ve never been or a cultural city! I take a million photos wherever I go, you just never know what could come in handy for future projects as a single image can spark off a whole load of ideas ! I am off to Paris next week – I love Paris, it has some great galleries.
VC: Did you realise fashion would be such a big part of your life when you were 14?
PW: Definitely! I loved fashion from a early age, unfortunately my school didn’t encourage a career in fashion. When I proposed I wanted to work with a designer for my work experience week I was laughed at and told that wasn’t a proper job. I don’t think they had any idea about the fashion industry so I was sent to Boots to rearrange battery displays for the week. I think this experience encouraged me more to chase my dreams of studying fashion.
VC:If you had to pick one designer to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
PW: Prada of course. Everything I love colour, pattern, coloured furs, it’s fun, it’s sassy – Miuccia Prada is just incredible.
Words by Annie Lunnon and Danielle Westwood


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