fur1As a human you’re constantly having to make choices. Sometimes right and wrong is very easy, sometimes we’re led into believing we’ve made the right choice. And sometimes we know deep down it probably is a load of bull but we sort of want to believe it anyway because it suits us. ‘Origin Assured Fur‘ sounds so wholesome – a bit like ‘organic free-range chicken’, you imagine the fox or mink living a happy life running around with its friends in a Disney-style landscape till it one night expires in its sleep and the fur (which would go to waste anyway, let’s face it) is gently slid off its body to be turned into something exquisite you’ll treasure forever.


PETA has just released a new video montage, narrated by Paloma Faith, of footage taken from farms in the 29 countries that make up part of the fur industry’s grossly misleading ‘Origin Assured’ marketing scheme. The footage is horrific. And now, armed with this exposé, PETA is calling on Harvey Nichols – which recently abandoned its decade-long fur-free policy in order to start selling ‘Origin Assured’ fur – to rejoin virtually all other UK department stores, including competitors Selfridges, House of Fraser and Liberty, in banning fur.

The images below are sad and upsetting. These were the ‘nicest’ I could find. The point is no animal should live a life like this just so a hat can be trimmed with a silly pom-pom that doesn’t even keep you warm.

fur2resizeThe ‘Origin Assured’ label was created by the International Fur Federation and other big players in the fur industry, including Saga Furs and Kopenhagen Fur following years of plummeting sales as a way of ‘green washing’ fur. Coming from Denmark, a country renowned for its democratic and liberal qualities, I’m particularly ashamed of the huge role Danish fur companies such as Saga Furs and Kopenhagen Fur play in keeping this revolting practice alive. Not just by greenwash flimflam like Origin Assured but also by the underhand practice of seducing emerging fashion designers with money in return for using fur in their collections. Usually when they’ve just graduated from college and desperate for any capital to kickstart their careers. While the label Origin Assured attempts to allay the public’s fears about the treatment of animals raised and killed for fur, sadly the reality is that nothing has changed. As in PETA’s film, the label would read more correctly if said ‘Cruelty Assured’. Cruelty free fur is no more possible than cancer free cigarettes. Watch the film if you can – I lasted 44 seconds in. For more information about ‘Origin Assured’ cruelty, visit PETAUK.org/originassured. If you want to do one good thing today, please join PETA in asking Harvey Nichols to reinstate its fur-free policy by clicking here.

fur3resizeAs Faith says in the video, “All fur is the product of extreme cruelty and abuse of animals. That’s why I always choose faux fur. With so many extraordinary alternatives on the market, there’s just no excuse for tearing the fur off an animal’s back.”

Words by Anna Bang



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