Per Axén: Recent graduate from the Swedish School of textiles showcases his collection REICHMOSH where minimalistic modern music and hardcore dance has been mixed up into a structured and straight forward collection.

Volt Café: Who is Per Axén, tell us something about yourself.

Per Axén: My name is Per Axén and I grew up in the Swedish countryside outside Varberg on the west coast. For 7 years I lived here, there and everywhere, I am now living in Gothenburg.

I’ve just graduated with a BA from the Swedish School of Textiles where I studied Fashion Design. I’m now working as a Design Assistant on Weekday Men.

VC: Your collection is called REICHMOSH, what does this mean?

PA: REICHMOSH is a fictional name in which I mixed Steve Reich, who is a composer of mostly minimalist modern music and Mosh, which is the type of dance that is usually carried out at Punk and Metal gigs where people will dance like crazy fools!

The name is supposed to sum up my collection where I in a similar way worked with opposing forces and tried to fuse them together with all different kinds of materials. Even in my working methods I have chosen to work freehand. I mix up my messy life with silhouettes that balance it all out.

VC: You mention opposites such as: chaos and structure, heavy and light.

What is it about opposites that inspire you?

PA: Often I begin with the structure and straight lines. Then in the end these straight lines make me want to puke! That is where the chaos begins.

Chaos dictates that I need to start again and find a new structure. This is how my design cycle works.

I love striking a balance between materials, shapes, styles that go in different directions.

VC: You collaborated with the shoe label VAGABOND for this collection. What made you choose it?

PA: VAGABOND is a company with lots of opportunities where you really get the chance to create a shoe from sketch to finished product.

They have a magical studio space with great people. Why would you say no to such an offer?

Also, after making clothes for such a long time I have become more and

more curious about the shoes and accessories, so to start my collection with a focus on shoes was a given.

VC: Collaborations is something we have seen a lot of since H&M started in 2004. What would be your dream collaboration?

PA: Christophe Lemaire.

VC: What is your goal as a designer?

PA: Always continue to evolve and to try new things.

VC: Your collection is very clean and minimal, something that has become significant in Scandinavian design. What is your relationship to Minimalism?

PA: Minimalist design has always fascinated me.

I have not worked with minimalism that much, which is why I thought it would be a good challenge for me to try it out for this collection.

VC: Would you say Minimalism is a trend?

PA: Minimalism is a trend just like everything else, one that comes and goes.

Then there is something particularly beautiful and harmonious about Minimalism, nothing is just done random every choice of detail is important.

VC: Is fashion still fun, new and innovative?

PA: Yes, definitely fun, fresh and innovative as long as we dare to establish the boundaries.

VC: How do you think fashion will develop within 10 years time?

PA: As long as we keep the reins tightened on the wilder excesses and people give it some thought about what they consume and make their choices, I believe in a development. I think we will see sustainable fashion in which materials, function and design are as important as the trend.

Per Axén’s 10 top choices

Designer – Christophe Lemaire, Phoebe Philo, YSL, Yohji Yamamoto, Clara Flygare, Kris Van Assche, Martin Margiela

Style Icon – Friends

Garment – Shoes

Film – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Big Lebowski and lots of Danish cinema in general.

Art – Lars Vilks, Robert Mangold, Agnes Martin, Dick Bengtsson

Music – Wu Tang Clan, kxp, matthew least, Karin and Olof Dreijer, Graveyard Ahh everything possible

Restaurant – The tram on misty nights

City – NY, London, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Paris

Boutique – LN-CC, Dover Street Market, the shop with the green door and bell in Paris, RA, Ann Demeulemeester in Antwerp (but only for the amazing work man).

Saying – Make more mistakes!

Words | Emelie Hultqvist


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