‘Out Of Fashion’ is a conceptual magazine created by three young photographers who believe fashion is more important now than ever before. They approach the subject from a different angle, looking at the fashion system as something more than just a superficial act of consumption – investigating fashion and its relationship to identity, history and ethics.

Volt Café visited the private launch on May 31st and had a chat with the three Finnish women behind the Magazine – Eeva Rinne, Siru Kivistö and Ida Taavitsainen.

Volt Café: What is your relationship to fashion?

Ida Taavitsainen: I’ve always been interested in fashion, when I was little I used to sew clothes for my Barbie dolls and loved reading my aunt’s old Vogues from the 70s and 80s. When I was younger, I had plans to move to London and become a Fashion Designer or Stylist, but somewhere on the way it changed to Kent and Photography studies. I’m still very interested in fashion. I do not care about trends that much, but I’m interested in the history of fashion and also in the relationship between fashion and identity and how what we wear can reveal things about our personalities and also the times we live in.

Eeva Rinne: I am more interested in style and dressing up than in fashion and trends, so from this point of view my relationship to fashion is quite complex.

Siru Kivistö: My relationship to fashion is controversial: I am very conscious of what I wear and how, and I like dressing up nicely, but there are so many things about the ‘fast’ fashion industry that I think are just not right. I love the work of talented Fashion Designers and consider their pieces as art. I admire people who work hard to make fashion more ethical and environmentally sustainable.

Ida Taavitsainen | Eeva Rinne | Siru Kivistö

VC: What is the future plans for the magazine?

ER: After having the launch in London, we’re taking the exhibition to Helsinki in Finland in August. As the project has been successful so far, it might be that we’d like to do another publication at some point in the future…

IT: The original plan was to make a one-off issue, but who knows, maybe we’ll do more if there is a demand for it. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens!

SK: I’d love to see a second Out of Fashion coming out…

VC: Are you in or out of fashion?

IT: I’m not a person who runs after trends, my style philosophy has always been to look stylish rather than to be right on trend. Does that make me in or out of fashion?

ER: Even though anti-fashion and DIY culture is quite hip at the moment, I’d say I’m out of fashion.

SK: I think I am in fashion in the sense of being aware of what is in fashion. But I am out of fashion in the sense of not actively making it seen.

Why is it relevant to be in or out? And does fashion in general really matter?

Have a look through the magazine and discover what you can get Out Of Fashion.

Words by Emelie Hultqvist

Photographer Vladimir Shilin


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