For years the Parisians have ruled the skincare market, always exceeding expectations with their exquisite ingredients and innovative ideas. Of those brands Institut Esthederm and Caudalie are just two brand leaders you really should take the time to find and try for yourself. Similarly, for centuries Hungarians have been leaders in the Spa sector, for them a Spa day is not a luxury but a necessity inspired by their lifestyles. This is the country of Spa life. The word ‘Spa’ was initially derived from the Latin phrase ‘Sanitas Per Aqua’ meaning health through water.
New brand Omorovicza attracted my attention during a recent trip to Liberty’s beauty hall; something about the confidently low-key packaging made me want to delve deeper into this fairly recent skincare range. Budapest, which is known for having over 100 spring valleys containing ‘thermal waters’, is the city of origin for Omorovicza. ‘Thermal water’ has from time been renowned for its healing benefits on the skin, to the extent that Hungarian doctors regularly prescribe this natural water for all types of skin conditions including eczema. Omorovicza is inspired by the powers of the ‘thermal water’ and the beautiful Spa city of Budapest. Sky blue and simplistic packaging reflects the concept of skincare itself.
Founders Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza and his partner Margaret discovered the key ingredient after Margaret attended a Spa day in Budapest, which she swears in one stroke made her skin feel and look flawless. She passionately believes that it was the effect of the ‘thermal water’. The obvious step for her was to create a skincare line that contained this particular healing water, as she imagined what this key ingredient would do for its users. This led to the birth of Omorovicza. A premium skincare that blends both purity and performance, would sum up this brand.
Increasingly we have become a society where beauty is very much about quick fixes, about using strong chemical ingredients that allegedly take years away from your face, however one worries that such quick fixes will not last and shortcuts will never succeed in the long run. Omorovicza is a brand with integrity and honesty, there is nothing about these products that promise to work miracles overnight. Compare this to the claims some commercial brands suggest through their ‘scientific tests and results’; this skincare line is focused on maintenance, balance and improvement. In a way it is taking beauty back to a long-gone past, one where skincare was all about pure water, organic ingredients, and straight forward natural beauty, a notion that seem very appealing in this culture of chemical quick fixes and ill-considered plastic surgery.
Living in cities such as London with their heavy pollution can have drastic and negative effects on our skin in the long term. Combining this with a lack of skincare maintenance doesn’t exactly improve matters. Despite working as a beauty journalist and a make up artist I don’t always follow the daily beauty regimen of ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’. I’m not entirely convinced that beauty should have set rules and specific routines, rather that whatever works for the individual is the best way forward. Anything that is effortless, efficient and effective, with beautifully thought about ingredients, instantly grabs my attention, – hence I couldn’t help being drawn to the Complexion Enhancer from Omorovicza. Imagine skincare meeting make up, doing exactly what the bottle states; boosting the skin’s natural glow and at the same time providing protection and hydration all day. At first glimpse you automatically assume the shade isn’t quite the right shade for your skin, but somehow the hue magically adapts to your skin.
Omorovicza believe in delivering an exceptional skincare that gives results to all clients. Nothing about this brand is artificial; instead Omorovicza is naturally scented which leaves the products smelling clean rather than heavily fragranced.

Stockist: Liberty Department Store

Words by Maryam Asadi


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