NYC-based NICOPANDA is Nicola Formichetti’s latest fashion venture and a creative vision that has been hinted at through various collaborations and past projects. Featuring as part of Selfridges’ AGENDER department, naturally all the clothes are unisex and deliberately designed to be so. Taking hints from a myriad of influences such as sportswear, Harajuku-style layering and silhouettes, as well as a subtle reference to porcelain dolls and Harlem, the oversized, unisex collection will undoubtedly draw fans of every gender.


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A pared down colour palette of white, baby pink, baby blue and black stands to redefine the masculine and feminine traditional colour assignments and proves that androgyny doesn’t have to mean black and white. There’s also a hint of Baby Spice in the white platform trainers as well as a nod to the Teddy Boys and Punks with sky-scraping black and white brothel creepers. Boxy white t-shirt dresses and headpieces in the form of caps and other elaborate creations slot in nicely next to the abundance of frills edging the seams of garments and the harness details on shorts and trousers. Voluminous tulle detailing blurs the lines between what’s masculine and what’s feminine. Where some may question boys in white t-shirt dresses covered in baby pink satin bows or the abundance of frills and tulle, the main message is ‘if you like it, wear it’, regardless of gender.
Available at Selfridges from 1st April 2015.


Words by Annie Lunnon


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