Volt Café: The collection is very handmade and an homage to the Diesel DNA. Very artisan. Yet shot on an iPhone and marketed in a very state of the art way. What inspired you to do this? I’m also curious about the deliberate exclusion of print media. Why? Are you saying that print media is now obsolete or a waste of time and advertising budget?
Nicola Formichetti: The collection is handcrafted in Italy so I wanted to do the opposite when creating visuals for it, going completely digital. It’s very important for us to speak and use the same language as the new generation. We focused on digital media, not because I think print is over, but I wanted to use moving images, gifs and videos to show the clothes so it was easier to focus on digital, and shooting the campaign with Nick Knight on an iPhone felt right for this.



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VC: You’ve chosen models that are very non-conformist for this campaign and I’ve read you were blown away by Rick Owens’ show in Paris where he presented his S/S14 collection using a stepping team made up from four American sororities. Do you think a shift is possible in the way we present and view fashion, an actual move away from the glacial perfection and photoshopping that have bled all personality out of the images that dominate the market at the moment?

NF: As a creative person, I have always believed that we must always push boundaries. We need to keep shifting the way we present fashion. I’ve always tried to introduce and push new talents, people that are different and inspiring like in the campaign for the DIESELTRIBUTE collection. It is also something that I share with Diesel, who are known for pushing the limits of the usual fashion circles.


VC: You’ve worked with superstars before, people with a very high profile. Obviously you’ve been an industry superstar for a long time, someone industry insiders would recognize immediately, but maybe not someone your average guy in the street would be aware of. Now you yourself are a superstar that the ordinary person will recognise anywhere – how does that feel?
NF: It’s so weird!! I was always backstage and happy…but now I’m in front of the camera…sometimes I get shy but the great thing is that I get to meet and communicate with the world now. I get to use my power into positive things like introducing new talents and new ways to a wider audience, and I keep on learning and discovering new things through all the people that come up to me. It’s an exchange process.

Words by Anna Bang









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