If there is anyone that knows how to do lingerie, it’s Georgia Campbell, the founder and owner of Miss Crofton. We all know that women love lingerie. Whether it stays hidden under our clothes at all times, stacks up in our drawers and never gets worn, or we parade around in it in front of our other half, it will always be a guilty pleasure for us all. There’s something about adorning our bodies with prettiness (that only we know about) that makes it so special, and even if you’ve no one to show off to, it’s empowering to undress in front of the mirror and reveal yourself looking damn fine in your new set.

Miss Crofton is a label that has been making girls (and their special boos) very happy for the last 6 years. Georgia, who still makes every piece by hand, is passionate about quality and would rather prick her fingers all weekend long than sell a bra that’s not up to her standards. Her wide range of fabrics means that there is a set for any occasion or personality. Our favourite of this collection has to be the ‘Velveteen’, black floral lace knickers and bra, it’s to die for (photo beneath). It has a perfectly oversized set of vintage style knickers and and extra sexy strap to highlight your goodies as well as adding a cute detail under sheer tops.


Lucky for us, Miss Crofton is both available from her online store and at Broadway Market every Saturday, where the sweetheart does ‘market prices’, so we recommend you get down there to treat yourself!

We caught up with Georgia to talk a bit more about the label.

Name: Georgia Campbell

Age: 27

Occupation: Founder of Miss Crofton lingerie

Three trivial facts about yourself?

1. I have a cat called Aswad

2. I grew up on a boat

3. I speak fluent Spanish

So how did this all start? Have you always been a lingerie fan? 

I’ve always had an interest in beautiful underwear, which I ended up combining with my need to make some cash way back in the early noughties. Myself and my mate Katie, a recent fashion graduate, shared a room in a dysfunctionally creative house in Peckham. We were all strapped for cash but had a wonderful time trying to inventively earn some.  I had always wanted to know how to make knickers and she used to show me how to pattern cut and other little tricks. One day after having met someone who ran a stall in Camden we came up with the idea of producing a line of underwear and getting a stall ourselves. 

You make every piece by hand, how do you keep up with the growing orders?

It can be difficult, as attention to detail is so important to me! Competing with massive manufacturers and supplying major outlets is a challenge, but the growing orders allow me to be supporting British manufacture. I work with FabricWorks www.fabricworkslondon.org, the social enterprise arm of charity Stitches in Time, run by my old roommate Katie. Fabricworks is a socially focused textile production organisation based in Limehouse,  focused on creating exquisite commissions whilst creating employment. Many of the women at FabricWorks that make my underwear have previously been long-term unemployed or have never worked, had limited qualifications or employment opportunities, but through training, have progressed to employment within the FabricWorks production team.


We love your stall at Broadway Market, it always looks perfect, has the stall been a great help for the brand?

Thank you!  Continuing with the Saturday Broadway market stall definitely helps to promote the brand and is a wonderful way of meeting people and getting instant feedback and opinions – great for market research!

Where did the name Miss Crofton come from?

So, the room I shared with Katie was in a typical student house on Crofton Road just opposite Camberwell Art College. It was an inspiring time living with so many young creative lunatics that have since gone on to do amazing things. Jimmy Merris used to film us secretly in the kitchen, and Jessica Joslin had a potters wheel in our basement. The brand name was chosen very late one night, when we had to make a sign for one of our first market stalls the next day, and using the street name was the most obvious idea – literally flying by the seat of our pants!

How has the brand evolved in the last 6 years?

It’s evolved from a weekly market stall to a full time business, with more online orders that have come from far and wide. It’s hugely flattering to think about the amount of bottoms adorned in Miss Crofton underwear at any one time! I’ve been able to expand studios, taken on occasional staff, and learnt so much about things I never knew existed. At the beginning there were moments where I’ve wanted to pack up shop, but I’m glad I didn’t,  as the last three years have been consistently amazing – nonstop fireworks!

Where do you get your inspiration from for your collections?

I honestly find this the hardest thing to answer, as it really changes from one day to the next and can come from pretty much anything and anywhere. From something in a film, to a scrap of fabric I find at a market, there is no one source!

Red wine or white?

Definitely red!

What do you think the purpose of lingerie is?

A woman’s body is such a fun thing to adorn, and I think a lot of women (and men) take pleasure in doing that.


Is your lingerie stocked anywhere but online and the market?

Yes I have many lovely stockists in various parts of the globe.  My two most recent ones are Urban Outfitters US and Lily Blossom in Spain, Madrid. 

Silk or lace?


When you could describe your personality with a type of bra which one would you be?

Erm… a Sports bra – Practical, compact and ready for action. Pow. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m really content with where things are at the moment, so i’m quite excited to see how things progress!

What is your passion besides lingerie?

As i pretty much live my business, 6 days a week, I have really struggled to find an answer to this one! I love cooking, and have just moved to a flat with a massive garden, so have grand plans for my future vegetable patch! I have a passion for guinness and keeping up with friends, and like to do both whilst exploring old men’s pubs off the beaten track in London backstreets.

Best season of the year and why?

Spring, Got to be the best one surely.

Chocolate or Vanilla?


If you won £20.000 what would you do with it?

I’d have to check with my financial advisor. lol!

Tell us your best joke!

What? Who tells jokes anymore?! That’s such a #nineties ting.


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