Volt Café: Great name! What made you decide on opening Ministry of Waxing?

Cynthia Chua: We saw a gap in the UK waxing market for quality waxing salons. In general, there was a lack of hygiene standards, poor waxing techniques and quality of wax used. As a result, many women would try waxing once and then pull away from it because of these experiences.

We formulated a whole new set of virtually pain-free and less embarrassing Brazilian waxing methods, as well as proprietary waxes that are exceptionally tender on sensitive areas of the body, and a range of pre and post wax care products, making waxing a more elegant affair altogether… and Ministry of Waxing was born!

VC:  What is the philosophy and concept behind Ministry of Waxing?

CC: We offer affordable pricing, tip-top services and waxing techniques, accessible locations and a trendy in-store environment.

Progression is also a key part of MOW; we have a dedicated MOW Training School in Singapore where all our ‘Waxperts’ have to undergo intensive training for 4-8 weeks and a 10 men strong research and development team to ensure constant improvement. We are constantly working on new treatments and products, to offer exciting new things such as Brazilian Facials and top quality IPL treatments to the high demand of today’s consumers.

VC: Shaving can be so quick and easy, so why would you say that waxing is the way forward?

CC: Although shaving is quick and easy, it has a number of downsides. Shaving sees a rapid re-growth and irritates the skin and commonly results in ingrown hair, rashes, bumps and cuts. Waxing removes hair from the root, which keeps skin silky smooth and hair-free for a longer period of time (around 2-3 weeks), also, the re-growth is finer. When you wax often, your hair follicles weaken over time and eventually there will be a lower volume of re-growth.

VC: Your store on London’s South Molton Street has a very interesting design and interior about it unlike any other beauty store, talk to me about the concept and actual store, and the inspiration behind the store theme?

CC:  We have multiple MOW stores in London but each store looks different reflecting the state of mind of the creative team behind this idea at that point in time.

The concept we had for the South Molton Street location was to use a material that customers can relate to. We were also into art installations so the design concept was to use wax as the core subject, and it was expressed through everyday objects like chairs, tables and also our take on Damien Hirst’s LSD art piece using the colorful wax we have at MOW.

VC: What is the Unique Selling Point for Ministry of Waxing?

CC: First of all, our fun-loving, creative and young culture sets us apart from other waxing salons. MOW is more than just a waxing salon as there are loads of personal touches and details in everything we do. Whether through creative campaigns, individually designed stores, tip-top hygiene standards, well-trained ‘Waxperts’, specially formulated wax and post-wax care products or MOW’s carefully compiled aural soundtrack, these are just some of the things that make the brand stand out. On top of all these, our pricing is highly affordable.

VC: Define your own personal version of beauty?

CC: People who have complete balance and confidence in who they are and what they do. Seeing passion balanced with peacefulness – that is real beauty.

VC: Your brand is expanding very quickly, what’s next?

CC: We have recently collaborated with Selfridges and set up a MOW pop up store with a bespoke futuristic theme featuring the ‘Waxperts vs. the Double Dipper’ comic strip in their London branch. We are also currently looking to open more stores not only in the UK but also in other major cities in the world such as LA, Tokyo, Barcelona and Paris.

Words by Maryam Asadi


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