Suspended from the ceiling, above a hundred glinting prisms, Millie Brown stays perfectly still for hours at a time during an astonishing site-specific art installation, Rainbow Body.

Situated at the Gazelli Art House in Dover Street in the first performance art piece the gallery has ever staged, Millie Brown is performing Rainbow Body. During one of the busiest weeks on the art calendar, Brown’s suspension of her body explores the concept of the body as a vessel and investigates how bodies and light can work together to give a unique feeling to a space.

Taking inspiration from the Abstract Expressionist painters Brown is ‘painting’ the space with the rainbow shards of light. Using her body and the light reflecting around the space and through the dangling crystals and prisms, Brown explores the importance of intertwining submersion, reflection, form and light.




Never one to shy away from what some would say is absurd (her ‘Vomit Interlude’ was originally commissioned by Nick Knight and performed during Lady Gaga’s Monsterball Tour), Brown’s installations and performances aren’t for those who think art is limited to paintings. The control exercised by Brown is praiseworthy and extreme – to withstand the testing conditions she forces upon herself in the name of art isn’t for the fainthearted


Millie Brown : Rainbow Body Performance, ©Lauren Lääke, courtesy Gazelli Art House, 2015


















Running as part of the gallery’s exhibition Let There Be Light, Brown will be suspended from the ceiling for around four hours over three days. Appearing to meditate her way through the performance, Brown’s physical and emotional dedication to her work and performance art is something to be admired.

Gazelli Art House
Let There Be Light
15 October 2015 5pm-9pm
16 October 2015 2pm-6pm
17 October 2015 2pm-6pm
39 Dover Street
London W1S 4NN

Words by Annie Lunnon


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