­Jeremy Scott’s first collection for Moschino was based on his love of junk food and pop culture. With clothing inspired by the world’s largest junk food supplier: McDonalds. The signature M of McDonalds was reconfigured as Moschino’s iconic heart design. After that delicious feast, there were garments and accessories inspired by signature items from Chanel. The happy face of Spongebob Squarepant appeared later, amisdst storm of candy wrappers. We felt like the proverbial kids in a candy store, with everybody eating up this collection.


One of the more interesting features from the Iceberg collection was the material they used. Some hard looking, but soft feel fabrics in combination with plastics as decoration on jumpers. The shape that came alive by using this fabric was quite amazing to see and created a new kind of silhouette. With the models’ hair pulled back in a messy way, it enhanced the feeling of the clean and somewhat oversized silhouettes of the clothing they were wearing.


The AW14 collection from Etro felt like going on a journey. All the different patterns, textures and embroideries made us want to discover the clothing piece by piece. Every garment  a new part of the travel. The colours felt really earthy, but there were some bright highlights that made the garments look very lively.


Models with nude faces walked the catwalk at the Gabriele Colangelo show. This enhanced the focus on the graphic coloured AW14 collection. The garments were black and white with more than 50 shades of grey in between. This colour palette in combination with the geometric shapes of the clothing showed us Colangelo’s inspiration: the grayscale watercolours of Bandau. The twist in this collection was the lime green coloured bags that really caught the eye with their bright colour.

Just Cavalli

At Just Cavalli they don’t know the saying ‘Less is More’, here it is definitely ‘More is More’. This was also the mantra of this collection, with golden pants, high orange boots and big glasses there was enough that caught the eye. Fringes were all over the place in this collection. The inspiration for this collection was Florence – photographic prints of this beautiful city were all over the collection.

Fausto PuglisiGraphic lines, hard fabric and a lot of colours were the main keywords for the AW14 collection from Fausto Puglisi. Puglisi is known for his use of colour and embroidery, and he didn’t let us down this season. This time he used bold red tones in combination with more pastel lavender and green tones.


The beginning of the Dsquared2 show felt a bit reversed; where brands usually end with eveningwear, they chose to begin with it. A glamour girl walked the catwalk with fancy clothing on, followed by two girls dressed in white, as if they were her guardians. One glamour girl after another entered the catwalk with apparel made of beautiful luxurious fabrics. The colour palette of this collection was really diverse, besides black clothing, there were many deep coloured garments in shades of purple, blue, and green.

Words and design: Nikki Neervens


Autumn/Winter, Fashion Week, Milan, Nikki Neervens,