During the upcoming London Fashion Week the innovative and experimental designers from Bloody Gray Pr intend to let you experience their collections in a very unconventional way. The Portico Showrooms will be transformed into atmospheric worlds where the unique vision of each designer is brought alive. Pushing technology to its limits, they promise to create an interactive journey, which they hope will both inspire and provoke.

In order to be part of this revolutionary spectacle, the designer Martina Spetlova has set up a Kickstarter account. Through this funding platform for ambitious and imaginative creative projects, she hopes to raise a very modest £1,000 for the venue hire.

Martina Spetlova has a scientific background and this definitely results in a unique approach to design. At the most recent London Fashion Week Martina’s presentation was a tactile adventure, showing a film in which textures from her designs formed mesmerizing kaleidoscopic visuals as a highlight. It would be a shame if we were to miss out on Martina’s contribution to LFW this time round.


If you would like to support this visionary designer, please visit her Kickstarter’s account at Martina’s account will only run for three more days and she still has £330 pounds to go. Your support will be rewarded with either a shout out on her facebook page, a handmade knitted neckpiece or an invite to the event and a big hug from Martina herself, depending on your generosity.

Words by Juliette Sijnja


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