Marc Newson | Works slipcase

Marc Newson CBE is rightfully seen as the most acclaimed and influential designer of his generation.

He has designed chairs, restaurants, boutiques, cars, planes, and even a spaceship! Born in Australia, the industrial designer now lives in London with his wife, fashion stylist Charlotte Stockdale. From mass-produced objects to limited edition furniture to fashion, Newson has blurred boundaries, mapped new territories, and made himself an international superstar. He incorporates a design style known as biomorphism to his various designs, and his love of American design from the 50’s and 60’s – think Eames and Loewy – is evident in his consistent use of curves. Biomorphism uses smooth flowing lines, translucency and transparency. It tends to have an absence of sharp edges and is an art movement that began in the 20th century.

Case study Ford 021C (1999)
© Tom Vack

This definitive and superlative Taschen tome is a very comprehensive catalogue of all of Newson’s works to date, from early pieces such as Lockheed Lounge, conceived when he was 22 (which holds the world record for the highest price paid – $2.1 million – for a piece of designer furniture when it was auctioned in 2010) through designs of household objects and more recent, large scale projects such as the interior of Qantas’s A380 and the Aquariva speedboat. Don’t worry if some of the designs have you frowning as according to Newson he included EVERYTHING from the fabulous to the downright ugly, not to mention a lot of designs that were never put into production.

Digital Pentax camera (2012)
© Philippe Joner

The book features an exclusive, in-depth interview by Louise Neri and contributions from Laszlo Adams, Nicholas Foulkes, and Alice Rawsthorn.

The Collector’s Edition (No. 101–1,100) is limited to 1,000 numbered and signed copies, each in a linen-covered slipcase.
Retails at £650

The Art Edition (No. 1 – 100) features leather marquetry on the cover and a Micarta slip case.
Retails at £3,500

Marc Newson | Works is available from Taschen

Words by Anna Bang


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