You’re probably already familiar with Levi’s current MAKEOURMARK campaign, which showcases a pioneering spirit true to the core value of this 140-year-old brand. Shot in nostalgic black and white images, it evokes times gone by and design classics such as the Underwood typewriter, freshly re-appropriated by interesting-looking boys and girls. Using an old-fashioned train destination indicator board, Levi’s calmly serve up thought provoking slogans such as THE FUTURE IS LEAVING. GO FORTH or the reassuring EQUIPPED FOR THE MODERN FRONTIER. GO FORTH. Instructive and bold, these ads stand out in the urban landscape.


And true to those words, Levi’s has proudly unveiled a ground-breaking new project that urges you to explore and uncover the motivations and the inspirations of real creative ambition by taking a Journey To The Modern Frontier. In the UK, three of the UK’s leading artistic talents have joined forces to create a one-off immersive experience. During the months of September and October, acclaimed producer Koreless, Mercury Prize nominated artist Ghostpoet and renowned audio visual artist/filmmaker Alex Turvey have worked alongside fans online to create something unique and truly ground-breaking together. A piece that epitomises the modern pioneering spirit by exploring today’s Frontier and what exactly it is that motivates the artist in you to create by answering the exciting question ‘What Moves You?’ and sharing it on #makeourmark #moves


This documentary Levi’s Modern Frontier shows the working creative processes of Koreless, Ghostpoet and Alex Turvey.
All this work will culminate in a one-night-only live show on 9th October, a totally free live experience at the impressive 6,000 square feet of fun that is East London’s Oval Space. Those lucky enough to be selected to attend will witness a one-off live performance by our creative threesome as they unveil to the world how they have answered the question ‘What Moves You?


Throughout the project our collaborators have looked to their online audiences for inspiration, asking fans to share what moves them through the hashtags #makeourmark #moves. It could be anything from words to images and video. It will all become part of the mix and will be used to paint a wider picture of the creative community at large. What the results of the project will hold is as yet a secret. Obviously the piece will draw from their experience and unique approaches across the fields of literature, visual art and music – so Ghostpoet will be shaping the words, Koreless fine tuning the sound and an inspired Alex Turvey will be painting a visual feast that makes their united vision three-dimensional.

This artistic trio are all widely regarded amongst their peers as avant-garde thinkers with a genuine hunger for creativity and a desire to think way outside the box, creating work that is truly unique and worth talking about.

Levi’s will of course be on hand to film the process and the final results of this artistic journey. Telling the stories of these three visionaries and documenting the way in which they step outside of their comfort zone to create something unique. A two-part film will be released around the event and showcased on www.makeourmark.levi.com/london

There’s still time to join this inspirational collaboration of words, sound and vision between Ghostpoet, Koreless and Alex Turvey to craft a unique immersive live experience and provide fare for this artistic process. Simply say what moves you and share it on #makeourmark #moves


Words by Anna Bang


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