Trust innovative session hair stylist Luke Hersheson to inherit creative ideas from his legendary father Daniel, who is regarded across the board as one of the industry’s most respectable. Now I’ve seen hair accessory trends come and go. Headbands, clips and all sorts of tedious trends with accessories, but this new launch is definitely a ‘showstopper’ – when worn tastefully that is.  And if anyone knows how to work it, it is Marc Jacobs. For his S/S 2010 catwalk he had models strutting down the catwalk with large red bows placed on the top of their heads.

All accessories made with real hair to blend in with natural hair, his collection includes clip on bows, clip on plaits, clip on fringes, and clip on ponytails. Luke has clearly mastered the art of artifice, making them look so authentic when worn and incorporating an extra grip to them to save the embarrassment of ‘slip off’.

‘Teasing’ is this season’s key hair vocabulary, being able to play with hair to create completely different styles. Bows can look either dated or elegant, it’s really about how the accessories are worn in the hair, and it starts with finding a perfect match to the natural hair colour.

Luke has just arrived from New York fashion week; of course his schedules are insane, pinning him down during fashion month is almost impossible, however I managed to catch 5 minutes with him in a phone conversation.

Volt Café: What inspired you to create the hair accessories and why did you create them?

Luke Hersheson: They were inspired by my session kit. Hair extensions play a vital part in my work to add length, enhance volume, increase thickness and add colour to hair when I am creating fashion’s leading catwalk looks, magazine front covers and celebrity styling. I decided to create them because I saw a gap in the market for cool hair pieces with a concept behind them.  Everything else out there is synthetic and doesn’t look like real hair and it’s very difficult to find the perfect colour match. At Hersheson’s we offer a very bespoke service, the stylists at the blow dry bars will help choose the correct hair piece depending on the clients specifications and colour match their hair with the chosen hair piece, they will then fit them in to their hair. No one else does this.

VC: Do you see a trend arising for hair accessories?

LH: Yes – hair accessories/pieces are a vital part to any fashion forward look whether it’s on the catwalk or on a celebrity, they all use hair extensions to create a dramatic image and now it has become more accessible, people will definitely start experimenting with their hair styles more.

VC: How is the best way to wear them?

LH: There are many ways that you can wear the Hersheson’s hair pieces and each one of the collection can be used to create a different look – you can use the Bardot to create volume on the crown, the long length hair piece to create length and volume and the hair bows are perfect for a directional impact.  At you can watch step by step videos of how to use all the hair pieces and the best way to wear them.

VC: Which shows are you working on this year and do you plan to use them?

LH: I have just come back from New York where I did the Preen show. At LFW I am working at Louise Gray, Richard Nicoll, Osman Yousefzada and J.W. Anderson – I possibly may be using them.. Wait and see!

Words by Maryam Asadi


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