Love Hackney tote by William Richard Green. Up and coming menswear designer has shown his collections at Fashion East and currently has a window display in Selfridges as part of its ‘Bright Young Things’ season

To be honest, Hackney’s not always been the easiest child to love. But as with oysters, it’s the grit that produces pearls. It seems almost daily that a new and alluring café, shop or hairdresser’s opens up in Hackney, like daring flowers overpowering the weeds. No wonder so many of London’s artists, musicians and designers are attracted to this spot. And no one can deny our fair borough has an astounding wealth of creative and hard working talent. Thus Hackney Council decided to commission some of London’s most exciting fashion designers – whom of course all work in Hackney – to design exclusive shopping bags.

Atalanta Weller, Mark Fast, Simone Rocha and William Richard Green have all created limited edition cotton totes which combine a creative and stylish simplicity with tough practicality – a bit like Hackney, no?! which will be available to shoppers when they buy the wares of a selected group of market stalls at four of Hackney’s best-loved markets.

O but where??? I hear you ask. Time to put your Sherlock Holmes deerstalker on. Or you could just keep a beady on the council’s Hackney Living Twitter and Facebook pages. The first two designs by Mark Fast and William Richard Green goes out the 3rd and 4th February, followed by Atalanta Weller’s and Simone Rocha’s designs in September 2012, again the details will be available from the same Twitter and Facebook pages as before.

Don’t be too precious with these bags (although gorgeous and obviously worthy of displaying on your wall) as the whole point is to cut down on ugly noisy plastic bags. Or why not get two? One for ‘best’ and one that actually does the job…

Words by Anna Bang

Love Hackney tote by Mark Fast. Originally from Canada, he started his eponymous London based label in 2008, causing a furore when he sent a size 14 girl down the catwalk in a tight knitted dress. Has collaborated with a series of labels such as Stuart Levers for Loewe, Christian Louboutin, Topshop, Bora Aksu and Swarovski.


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