Lovebullets is a London based jewellery brand that transforms the symbol of violence – bullets – into a symbol of love and beauty through innovative craft.
The concept comes from a fantasy story written by Martin Jegede, where five love angles defy an evil force by freezing the destructive weapons and electrifying them with positive power and beauty. The story is revealed with each piece of the brand.

Lovebullets collaborates with the international charity organisation War Child. A percentage of the products sold will go to support the children in war torn areas.
The ideology of the brand first came to life at Glastonbury Festival in 2008 when the first Lovetank made an appearance, an army tank converted into a DJ booth. The brand has curated fashion, art and music events since.

Standing ten foot high, the Lovebullets Christmas tree was opened in Shoreditch’s Boxpark on the 28th November. The tree is covered with 5000 bullets and lights, standing on a black and white 3D floor, while once again the symbol of war is transformed into something beautiful, peaceful and Christmassy.
Prices start from £18. The products include crystallised bullet necklaces, unisex signet shaped or geometric rings, bags, bracelets and earrings.

More information: lovebullets.co.uk


Words by Regina Sepp


Regina Sepp,