Usually anything to do with LOVE around Valentine’s Day immediately feels contrived and likely to be an ill-disguised assault on your wallet. However, LOVE IS ALL is nothing like that. Whether you’re a cosy couple or a determined solipsist, this film will melt your heart.

A cinematic journey through 100 years of love on celluloid,
LOVE IS ALL features a dreamy, swooning soundtrack by Pulp’s Richard Hawley with two previously unreleased tracks and one, Heart of Oak, taken straight from a studio demo. A stunning exploration of love and courtship spanning a century of cinema, director Kim Longinotto (Pink Saris, Sisters in Law) takes us on a sweeping journey filled with embraces, stolen kisses, sly winks, and dances of love in this ode to cinematic romance.

lisANNA MAE WONG - PICCADILLYUsing footage from the BFI and Yorkshire Film Archives, Longinotto, who is usually known for her special brand of powerful observational documentaries, and Editor Ollie Huddleston explore the twentieth century’s cinematic depictions of love and courtship, how it evolved over time and moved with the cultural shifts. We see the very first kiss ever caught on celluloid, through to the upheavals of war, to the burgeoning teen culture, gay liberation and free love.

lisTWO WOMEN PICCADILLYCute, funny and above all, really heartwarming, LOVE IS ALL is a romantic feast for the eyes and ears.

LOVE IS ALL in cinemas 13th February 2015

Words by Anna Bang


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