With the Organic Beauty Project here at Volt Café still going strong, we are happy to introduce one of our green contributors, Make Up Artist Louise Dartford, who did the make up on the Between The Lines beauty story.

Volt Café: What do you do?
Louise Dartford
: As a Make Up Artist I work mainly in fashion, music and beauty; I have a good mix, which I enjoy.

Mike Blackett

VC: And what is your style of make up?
: I love doing beautiful fresh skin, I like skin to look like skin, so no heavy foundations. I like to play with colour but in quite a simple way, nothing too crazy just gorgeous make up.

VC: How did you become a Make Up Artist?
: I always wanted to be a Make Up Artist ever since school; I did my careers project on it. I originally wanted to work in film, doing blood and gore, so I trained at the London College of Fashion and got my degree in Costume and Make Up for the Performing Arts, specialising in technical effects. I worked in film and tv for a bit but I did a few short courses and changed my path to photographic make up when I realised that I actually quite liked making people look nice. I then assisted and did everything that came my way.

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VC: Golden moment in your career?
: Last year I went on two amazing trips with People Tree, one to India and one to Bangladesh. We went to shoot the catalogues but also to see the amazing work that People Tree is doing out there. We visited organic cotton fields, Fairtrade factories and tailors along with schools, a clean water project and other projects that are funded by the Fairtrade premium. I will always remember it because it really opened my eyes and proved that we can all make a difference in the world by choosing wisely where we spend our money. It was hard work but such a great experience.

VC: What would be your dream job?
: Ooh I have a few! An organic beauty shoot in Vogue, a big campaign for an organic make up brand, I’d also like to be a Beauty Editor for a glossy magazine.

VC: If you weren´t a Make Up Artist, what would you be doing?
: I’d either be a nutritionist or something to do with alternative health, perhaps have my own health shop, or an environmental campaigner!

VC: Where do you look for inspiration?
: It sounds corny but I get inspiration from everywhere – people, travelling, nature.
I love books and have a stack of magazines and tear sheets that I have torn out of other magazines that I like to look through. The internet and Google are also great for quick references.

VC: How did you prepare for this shoot?
: I collected as many organic/natural types of eyeliner as I could and started playing around with them to get a feel for the textures. I always have a little practise on myself and draw face charts so that I have an idea of what I’m going to do. It’s always open for change on the day but I like to be prepared.

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VC: What do you enjoy most with your job?
: Making people feel good.

VC: Tell me about your master class at Being Content!
: I want to continue spreading the word about green beauty, which is where the master classes come in. We did a series at the Being Content London store before and it was really popular. More and more people are becoming interested in greener beauty and the classes are a great way to show what you can do and that green beauty products can compete with the conventional ones. You can teach people about make-up, which is always a fun thing to do, while educating them at the same about the benefits of cleaner beauty. The next series will start towards the end of March.

Words by Linda Öhrström
Images by Mike Blackett

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