Untitled-13Matthew Miller

The last day of London Collections: Men ended spectacularly with Nutters of Savile Row x Peter Werth. Everyone was taken by surprise as the models broke out in a swinging rock‘n’roll dance full of athletic ‘don’t try this at home’ moves halfway through their runway parade. The location, a lavishly decorated Café de Paris only added to the atmosphere. Don’t ask me what the clothes looked like, but it sure was an entertaining spectacle. Another collection worth mentioning is Jaewan Park‘s modern take on tailoring, combining quirky, Gothic influences with traditional suits. Furthermore, Matthew Miller’s collection, inspired by Generation X, called ‘Born to Fail’ was definitely one of the highlights of the third and final day of London Collections: Men.
Untitled-14Jaewan Park

Untitled-0Nutters of Savile Row x Peter Werth

Untitled-8Nutters of Savile Row x Peter Werth

Untitled-2Nutters of Savile Row x Peter Werth

Untitled-7Nutters of Savile Row x Peter Werth

Words and Images by Juliette Sijnja


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