lcmjonathansaundersJonathan Saunders

The first day of London Collections Men we saw that men’s fashion can be just as experimental, outspoken and avant-garde as women’s fashion. However, yesterday was more about clean elegance, tradition and heritage. The aristocratic English gentlemen was brought back at the decadent Spencer House, where Savile Row hosted an extravagant presentation, while Oliver Spencer revisited the 1960’s Fluxus movement with German performance artist and art theorist Joseph Beuys as his muse. Mr Porter’s statement collection by young directional talent such as Katy Eary and Sibling was exhibited in an iconic London cityscape, while Jonathan Saunders chose an abstract, cubistic photography exhibition as a conceptual background for the presentation of his vibrant collection, which full captivating colour contrasts. Here are our second day highlights.

LCMJSJonathan Saunders

LCMJS1Jonathan Saunders

Untitled-3Christopher Shannon

Untitled-2Christopher Shannon

LCMalexmatssonAlex Mattsson

LCMmrporterMr. Porter

lcmmrporter1Mr. Porter

lcmsavilerowSavile Row

lcmoliverspencer2Oliver Spencer

lcmoliverspencerOliver Spencer

Words and Images by Juliette Sijnja


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