Lisa King, an inspirational London based print designer, has in recent years developed an impressive reputation creating custom prints for some of the industry’s biggest names and brands. King’s portfolio of work includes Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Issa. She was first propelled into the limelight through her iconic dress for the Kylie Minogue: Image of a Pop Star exhibition, which featured at the V&A. This breakthrough garment, which she designed on her student laptop, presented a host of opportunities for King, who recently collaborated with British heritage brand Clark’s Originals, producing a printed shoe collection. The collection utilised masculine shapes and feminine textures in a dedicated attempt at challenging the traditional representation of the floral print.

This theme of contrast and juxtaposition has been developed and carried forward within King’s latest S/S 14 collection ‘Steel Flora’, a concept based upon the combination of two distinctive and contrasting prints, Screw and Flora. The classic Screwprint design was inspired by Fiona Banners’ Jaguar and Harrier, which saw the art world and intricate military design combine. King focuses upon the small screws, which despite their size play an integral part in maintaining the elaborate structure of the fighter jets. Flora is the feminine counterpart to the masculine screw and is by no means a tradition floral print, making use of orchids, hibiscus flowers and roses to create a modern and abstract interpretation of this traditional design.


This is King’s first range of unisex accessories, a selection that includes, silk or cashmere blend scarves, personalised leather bags with printed linings and industrial inspired jewellery. Each possessing a wide-ranging appeal, inviting the individual to discover their own personality within the print, the collection manages to combine the contrasting aspects of masculinity with femininity, manmade with natural and structure with organic. The Black Rose a prime example of this and also a signature piece within the collection, showing blocks of colours that come together to form a single rose on a large scarf.


This collection showcases Lisa King’s undoubted talent and her ability to draw inspiration from a variety of seemingly unrelated subject areas, whilst making them compliment each other and also her unique designs. This is a trend that seems destined to continue, with upcoming A/W 14 collection exploring subjects such as astrology, sex and religion while also contrasting modern and traditional themes. For example, The Angel Of Love was inspired by the stained glass windows honouring biblical themes that are a common feature of English churches and another piece The Zodiac Scarf acts as a reference to the personal and complex interpretation of astrology and the consumer’s individual horoscope.

Words by Rebecca Cocks



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