Linda Larsson’s collection ‘I married myself, I’m very happy together’ is a simply beautiful collection using light and feminine fabrics that aim to showcase all sides of a personality.

Volt Café talks to Linda who won this years Designer’s Nest competition where the 8 most prestigious Scandinavian Design schools compete for a prize of 50.000 DKK and the opportunity to exhibit for two seasons of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Volt Café: Who is Linda Larsson; tell us a little about yourself.

Linda Larsson: I graduated from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås this summer. Before my BA I took preparatory courses in Arts and Textiles at Stenebyskolan, which is situated in the deepest forest in all of Sweden. During my education I’ve gained a lot of experiences from internships where I’ve evolved my knowledge of design and aesthetics.

VC: Congratulations on winning the price at Designer’s Nest. Has this changed anything in your future plans?

LL: I will continue my own line and collaborate with new artists.

But the most fantastic benefit from winning Designer’s Nest was to get the possibility of showing my collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week in February and August 2012.

VC: Your collection is called ‘I married myself, I’m very happy together’ what does this mean/stand for?

LL: My aim was to showcase a collection that presented me as a person and as a designer. I wanted to be true to my own aesthetic. The collection is also about a fascination for the different sides of personalities. I played with a strict and controlled side juxtaposed with a bold and vivid side. This led me to the asymmetric shapes and the choices of both heavy and light fabrics.

VC: What is your goal as a designer?

LL: Even though it feels like a worn out declaration, my intention is to make innovative yet wearable clothes that people can relate to and wear as an extension of their own personality.

VC: Do you have any muses/role models?

LL: Charlotte Rampling, with her unpredictable and equivocal appearance.

VC: What is your relationship to trends?

LL: Ambivalent. On one hand I get fascinated with the way tendencies in society and political movements are reflected in fashion trends. On the other hand I consider trends to be there for commercial reasons, which then drain all creativity and become heartless.

VC: What do you think of Scandinavian design?

LL: The typical idea of Scandinavian design is that it is very clean and simple, made in a never ending grey scale. But to my mind there is nothing in that “strict frame” that couldn’t just as easily be sparkling or bold.

VC: Minimalism has become significant in Scandinavian design. What is your relationship to Minimalism?

LL: The minimalist aesthetic appeals to me and it is something I feel dearly about; its simplicity leaves so much space for the beholder to create their interpretation. It’s beautiful to be able to project your own idea of what you see.

VC: Is Minimalism a trend?

LL: Minimalism is a movement in fashion that has gone through both a second and a third round, especially the last few years. But it is not just a fashion trend as we’ve seen this aesthetic for decades now. The strength in minimalist design is the delicate execution of fabric in combination with the shape and the importance of each and every cut, seam and detail. Nothing is made by chance.

I believe the viewer can relate and even be tenderly nostalgic over the past decades of minimalist expressions, and yet still put it in a contemporary context.

VC: Does fashion still feel fun, new and innovative?

LL: Indeed! There is a fascinating development of new and interesting fabrics and the way the shape of a garment can be influenced by this, and there are always new arenas for fashion to be introduced into.

VC: How do you think fashion will develop within 10 years time?

LL: Hopefully with more awareness of the value of things in general, and of garments in specific. When buying an item, treat it like a baby. Buy it with love, with an expectation that it will last forever, treat it with respect and honor.

VC: Your 8 favourites

LL: Designers – Jil Sander, Phoebe Philo, YSL, Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto.

Garment – The coat

Film – Persona, The Naked Gun #1

Art – Lee Krasner, Asger Jorn, Ryan McGinley

Music – Roky Erickson, Wanda Jackson, Arthur Russell and an eulogy to all their contemporary followers.

Restaurant – Buen Ayre, Kino

Cities – London, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin

Boutiques – Dover Street Market, Colette, Grandpa

Words by Emelie Hultqvist


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